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10 Ways To Boost Brain Power and Increase Productivity

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The brain is one of the most vital organs in the body. It plays important role in every action and every thought. There is hardly any part of the body that its functionality is not linked to the brain.

If the brain is that important, then we need to keep it healthy and learn ways to improve or boost its functionality as well as learn to avoid certain habits or activities that can deplete it or reduce its functionality.

Here are 10 ways you can boost brain power and increase personal productivity and effectiveness;

1.Don’t Skip Breakfast: When our bodies have fasted in the night it usually needs to replenish the lost calories and nutrients which you require for the new day. Eating breakfast especially one which consists of whole-grain. It fuels your body for a good part of the day and equally improves your mood and memory.

2.Get Adequate Sleep: Many are used to staying awake in the night for one reason or the other. Your body may adjust to this with time but the downside will likely manifest in the long run. Lack of sleep usually slows down the functionality of the brain and increases inefficiency especially when it comes to logical reasoning and ability to retain information. Prefrontal cortex (PFC) region of the brain which is responsible for many higher-level cognitive functions and is particularly affected by lack of sleep.

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3.Avoid Negative emotions: Negative emotions have damaging impacts on our physical and mental health. Stress from negative emotions like anger, bitterness, self-criticism etc. deplete the brain chemicals that make us feel relaxed and happy. Negative emotions make it difficult for us to think rationally and see situations in their true perspective.

4.Exercise Your Body: Exercising your body improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and makes it possible for more oxygen and nutrients to reach the brain, increasing brain functions like problem solving, and decision making. Any workout that gets your heart and breathing rates up and keeps them up is good for your brain. A research has it that working class individuals who usually exercise on their workdays tend to be 23 percent more productive than on the days they had no workout.

5.Stay Hydrated: The brain is said to be made up of about 80% water. Any time we are dehydrated, it affects the brain’s efficiency. When we are dehydrated, the blood volume is reduced. This makes the blood thicker and consequently reduces the speed at which oxygen and other nutrients reach your tissues and organs which includes the brain. Research has it that 8 glasses of water a day is good enough but if you can take more, it is even better.

  1. Eat Right: A good diet is a big boost for the brain any time, any day. However there are particularly some foods that help the brain function optimally. They include; Nuts, pumpkin seeds, Wholegrain, fruits and vegetable. fruits and vegetable juice contain an antioxidant, Polyphenols, which protect brain cells and keeps the brain functioning optimally. Avoid smoking and Try as much as possible to avoid excess consumption of alcohol the effect on your brain in the long run is not worth it.
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7.Optimize the Brain: Many feel that doing many things at a time increases productivity. This is often referred to as multitasking. The fact however, is that the brain works efficiently when it focuses on single thread of related thoughts. While multitasking may work for tasks that requires little or no concentration it does not seems to work for tasks that require a considerable level of concentration. Contrary to the idea that multitasking increases productivity, recent studies have shown that it could lead to the opposite. Multitasking creates pressure which causes stress. It causes loss of concentration and focus and can negatively impact memory and IQ.

8.Practice Brain Aerobics: Brain aerobics are activities that can stimulate your brain cells. They include Learning new things like a language or skill, listening to music, meditation, reading, solving puzzles, playing chess or scrabble. These stimulate the brain and keep it active. Remember if you don’t use it, you lose it.

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9.Socialize: We all are social animals. We were never meant to live in isolation. It has been proven that a meaningful relationship can immensely improve your brain health. A study from Harvard school of Public Health revealed that individuals with most active social lives showed the slowest rate of memory decline. However, toxic relationship can have negative effect on the brain. It breeds stress, depression and other negative emotions.

10.Control how Long You Watch TV: Watching TV has been noted to reduce brain activity. It has been proved that when we watch TV the left side of the brain which is responsible for logical reasoning goes off reducing the ability to critically analyze information as they come. That is why when we watch television; we hardly do any real thinking. It is suspected that excessive television viewing can lead to dementia in later years.

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