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12 Awesome Nigerian Games With Funny Names We All Played As Kids

12 Awesome Nigerian Games With Funny Names We All Played As Kids

In primary school, break time was always lit!

If you grew up in Nigeria, you probably have fond memories of rushing your food during break time and then rushing outside to play different games with your friends. The fun always continued with the neighbourhood kids after school. Here are some of the interesting games we played.

1. ‘After round one’

‘After round one, original panadol extra, won tun gbede, Babangida ya so’. 

As an adult, I wonder who came up with this hilarious song. This game was too lit, except when it was your turn to get beaten.

2. ‘Tinko Tinko’

Tinko Tinko was too sweet! Especially when you get into the game and start moving your hands really fast.


3. ‘Obi Chikolobi’

‘obi chikolobi obi in, obi chikolobi obi out, i match line- no, i match line-yes

This game was basically an advanced version of Suwe (Hopscotch)



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4. ‘Choose your best friend’

Choose your best friend wey you say you like, haba tinko tinko, yansh to yansh, bum bum to bum bum, I go see you later!

Remembering this game is hilarious! It was popular among the girls.



5. ‘Ten Ten’

This was a game for the pros! It was really interesting, especially because of the leg stamping and clapping. Two people usually played the game, but highly skilled kids played in groups.

6. ‘Change your style’

Change your style, another one, be like that!

This was basically the Nigerian version of musical statues.


7. ‘Who is in the garden’

Who is in the garden, a little fine girl, can I come and see her? No no no no, I beg my sister, follow me!

So many fond memories of this game that involved a circle with someone inside, and the ‘caller’ outside.

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8. African bend down

This was another really interesting game because of the hand clapping and rhythm.


9. ‘On my way’

To play this game you had to stand in a circle, and place your palms on the next person’s palm while singing the song.

10. ‘Leke Leke’

‘Leke Leke bamboo, give me water finger’

This game involved pleading with Egrets to give you a white mark on your finger lol! Now that I’m older, I know that white mark on the nail is a sign of calcium deficiency.


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11. Bread and Butter

Bread and butter, baskelembe ma jo gbona, baskelembe, ma jo tutu, basekelmbe

In this game, two team leaders were chosen and named ‘bread and butter’. They had to raise their hands and clap to the bread and butter song while the other players passed underneath them.


12. ‘When will you marry’

This is a skipping rope game where you were asked a question, and the number of your skips determined the answer.

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