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13 Mistakes Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Should Avoid
Home Music 13 Mistakes Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Should Avoid

13 Mistakes Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Should Avoid

Nigerian Upcoming Artistes
Nigerian Upcoming Artistes

There are a thousand and one people who can sing, but not all singers get into the hall of fame.


Over the years, the number of upcoming recording artistes in Nigeria has increased tremendously, and it takes dedication, hard work and consistency to turn a music dream into a successful career.

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However, some upcoming artistes will remain “upcoming” if they don’t drop certain myths that lead them into making certain career blunders. These tips are not cast in stones, but are relevant to help push someone’s career forward. If you want to be rich and famous through music, you should take this post seriously.

1. Making Hits Should Not Always Be the Focus

Hits are amazing, cos they bring instant fame, but when an artiste is always aiming at making hits and club bangs, he misses out on the bigger picture. Most artistes are always looking for hits instead of good music, forgetting that good content most times turns out to be hit, not the other way round. You might end up making the hit, but its wackiness will make it fade away in no time.

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2. Big Studios Don’t Equate To Big Hits

This myth has been proven over time. Many hits have been produced from small bedroom or home studios. Timaya didn’t get fame working with a big producer, even Alakpomeji Records that produced the first hits of 9ice, was not big until they made Gonga Aso hit. Big studios usually have great gadgets, software and sometimes experienced producers, but then it is not a guarantee that the studio would produce songs that will rule the air waves.

3. Music Doesn’t Promote Itself

Some music promotes itself when it is very good but then, you need to push it out first before it gains ground. Upcoming artistes sometimes feel reluctant to go around promoting their works, maybe due to lack of money or support or even a dying passion. This jinx needs to be broken. If your music must be heard you should not stop promoting it via the Blogs (more effective these days) Radios, TV, interview, Print media and Gigs.

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4. Imitating A-list Artistes

Alot of upcoming acts are very fond of this, study shows that 70% of upcoming Nigerian acts imitate already blown musicians, i will advise you desist from such because Uniqueness  is all you need to make it through, the industry need new styles and patterns not some recreation of a style we are getting tired of. Don’t go rapping exactly like Phyno or start singing like Timaya and expect yourself at the upper chamber, avoid this.

5. Never Say No to Free Gigs

Most upcoming artistes make the mistake of turning down invitations to perform for free in events, forgetting that publicity is key in entertainment. Before you get up there, you must pay your dues and free events are just the perfect path to channel your contributions. Free performances are great platforms like a show room where you showcase your talent and build a fan base. Upcoming artistes should learn to embrace such invitations as it helps upgrade their acts.


6. Be Nice to Everyone

Fans are indirect marketers so you need to have a good attitude towards everyone as they are all your marketers. Nobody likes to be disrespected, not even by a star, so as an upcoming artiste should be friendly with neighbors, manager, producer, clients and the general public. Also be in good terms with family, as they form your backbone that defends and protects you when crisis arises.


7. Be Known For a Sound

Find your sound and never be a copy of another artiste. You can be inspired by them but don’t mimic them, as you’ll be seen as a karaoke singer. Karaoke is a good rehearsal ground. However, artistes should write their own songs and should not try to sound like their favorite artiste. Be YOU! Be original!

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8. Never Record Your Songs with a Producer You Don’t Connect With
Recording a song is like making love to a partner. There needs to be a connection for the music to sound right. Most people get their songs to the wrong hands and become unhappy after the session. Sadly, some producers are interested in the money, while only a very few are interested in your success. Find that producer who wants to see you go far and has the right tone to compliment your voice.

9. HUMILITY – Kill those attitudes And Be updated

Learn to always be humble to the last respect people, be disciplined if you have attitudes that turn people off this is the time to drop them. Are you a cultist? Get angry easily? Always live a fake life? Get angry easily, Insultive, stubborn? Are you the type that suffer and still faking rich? Do you brag a lot? Speak fake and unnecessary accents? Now is the right time to drop all this so as not to make your career messier, heard about a cult boy who was shot while on stage, not a good thing. Get yourselves disciplined, learn to talk, let your words and actions speak for you and positively. Also, get yourself updated with the latest news from the music industry, know when every event is Dated, go for competitions, attend music seminars, know the mistakes that top acts have made and learn from it, just be up to date.

10. Do Not Start Your Career As a Feature Artiste

What you step out as would be how people see you henceforth. You might go a bit far with collaborations but might not last with just that. Look around and research artistes in these two categories and confirm for yourself that it is better to own a song than to feature endlessly in other people’s track.


11. You Can’t Make It Alone

To run fast you need to run alone, but to run far, you need company. You’ll need God, People & Talent to get far in a musical career, so make friends the next time you are an entertainment scene. Look for mentors, get a publicity manager, form a team that would help you build a long lasting brand as a musician. Talent will take you up but connections will sustain you.

12. Not Getting Basic Education – EDUCATION IS A FACTOR

Not saying you must be educated to make it, in fact almost 60% of our musicians were not educated or fully educated before the made it. Everything am saying is, as you pursue your music career do the same to your education. If you can Drop music and complete your education then after get back to it, please do so. An Educated upcoming musician has a more advantage over an uneducated act. Do not say because you want music to be your career and that education should wait No, ask yourself, why is it that some of our top notches in the music industry who didn’t complete their education later go for it , if education doesn’t matter they wouldn’t have gone for it or made it a factor, a lot of our acts are graduates the likes of Barrister Falz ,Dr sid ,Tiwa savage Did music , Pilot kiss Daniel, and others. Education may not be a major factor but it is and will be a factor.

13. Get an Entertainment Lawyer

This does not need stressing. An entertainment lawyer helps an artiste to cover his loopholes, draft contracts for him, help him interpret contracts and also put in place every legal aspect of a musician.

If Brymo had a personal lawyer, he would not have found himself in the big mess he did with his former Record Label, Chocolate City. Do not be like those artistes who only know the music art and lack the “business side.” No one ever made it in Music but in Music Business!

All the best as you transform from an upcoming artiste to a real musician.




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