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14 Very Annoying Things Boyfriends Do That Drive Their Girlfriends Crazy


Boyfriends can be so annoying!

If your boyfriend has not gotten on your nerves before, the relationship is probably not that real. There are some things men constantly do to test your patience, and those things are really irritating. Not all boyfriends act like this, but chances are, you’ve experienced some of these behaviours in your relationship. Here are some of the really annoying things that boyfriends do.

1. Say you’re overreacting when you’re genuinely upset about something


2. Or dismissing you when you’re upset by asking, ‘are you on your period?’


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3. Sneakily check other girls out in your presence


4. Flirt with other women on social media


5. Keeping in touch with his ex and trying to keep it from you

Because ‘you just won’t understand’.


6. Comparing you to the other women in his life, like his mom, sisters, or even ex-girlfriend


7. Not noticing when you have a new hairstyle or get your nails done


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8. Choosing to hang out with his friends rather than spend time with you


9. Getting really angry when you talk to him while he’s watching football


10. Not replying your texts or even remembering to text you


11. Pretending to listen to you, and then asking you what you just said the moment you stop talking


12. Expecting you to be cool with their female friends, but not wanting you to have any male friends

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13. Expecting you to ‘say something’ when they annoy you and they know what they did

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14. Forget milestones and anniversaries

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LOL! Which one annoys you the most?

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