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16 Simple Ways To Give Yourself A Makeover


A makeover is usually much needed when you get bored of your usual look or you feel that there is a need for change.

You could either be getting into a new phase of your life or coming from a breakup and there is a desire to be someone different. Every physical change you make you turn out to be someone different, you may end up loving yourself more or become very confident.

Reinventing yourself is believed to be expensive and sometimes too much work, however, you could try these simple ways.

1. First, understand what it is you really want to change.

Think about the one thing you really want to change or learn to do to make your look better. Once you identify this, things will be much easier for you.



2. Ask a trusted friend or your spouse what they think.

Whether it is your best friend or your other half, one of them is probably looking forward to seeing a new you. Change is always exciting and when your loved ones can help you it gets better.



3. Be ready to be brave.

After you have already consulted someone about your new look then it is best to be bold. This means that you prepare yourself to buy things that are not your usual. You may get a new haircut, try a new lip color or even wear heels. Whatever it may be, this is the time to pump your adrenaline very high.


4. Now it’s time to learn a few things about makeup.

There are tutorials about makeup and if you really want to take a step further, meet a professional makeup artist. I recommend a makeup artist who will help you buy the right foundation for your skin so you don’t end up looking like a clown.(That’s why we recommend VEEVEE’S GLAM to all our Readers) Make sure your makeup is subtle on a normal day, especially if you never wear any makeup. Start by applying things like lip gloss, mascara, eye pencil and eyeliner and always make sure your lips are moisturized.



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5. Take care of your nails.

You may think that people do not pay attention to your nails, but they actually do. Take time to give yourself a manicure so you can have clean nails whether short or long. Apply bright nail polishes such as red or pink to show off your new personality as well.



6. Shape your eyebrows don’t shave it all completely.

Never shape your eyebrows in a random place. You need to understand your head shape and what works best for you. Ask a person you know who has great eyebrows to introduce you to their salon if you don’t know where to get one. Keep in mind that you want a new good look so don’t scare people with no eyebrows at all. Have eyebrows that you can stay without using an eye pencil at least.



7. Change your hairstyle.

Depending on the risk you want to take you can either change your hair color which also needs a lot of care. Try a new haircut, you can also change how you part your hair,this will make a difference. There are so many options, that may take time but will look great. Braids, weaves, wigs even giving your hair a trim or going natural if you can rock it.

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8. If you can’t get rid of some clothes then accessorize properly.

I understand that the luxury of just deciding to wipe your closet clean then start again is not a norm. SO what do you do? Mix and match your clothes and best of all, accessorize. By the time you start wearing a new bag or get new earrings or even hair accessories you will be like fine wine. Go through your closet and wear the things you haven’t in a while, throw the ones that have faded or are torn. You can also clean your jewelry for a new look.



9. Wear new kind of shoes and keep them clean.

Untidy, worn out shoes always takes marks out from your outfit. Try some heels on every once in a while or some converses with a dress if it goes well. The point is that you experiment with shoes that are comfortable but not your usual day to day wear.



10. Whiten your teeth if need be.

You can whiten your teeth either from the dentist or some home remedies that will help your teeth glow for a better smile.



11. Eat healthy and hydrate for good skin.

This can never be avoided. If you want to look radiant and amazing then it begins with the way you eat and take care of yourself. Eat a balanced diet so you can also maintain or lose some weight. For good skin, always drink a lot of water to avoid a breakout and flush out toxins.

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12. Clothes swap with a close friend who also wants new things.

Have you ever tried your friends clothes and it looks amazing? sometimes you even wish to keep it. If your friend also has fashionable clothes then you could ask her if she would like to swap some clothes.



13. Shop at new places.

If you always shop at the same stall or the same mall then you will obviously always get the same kind of clothes.


14. Wear more dresses or official.

I am not someone who wears dresses which means when I do wear one everyone thinks I’ve become a star. This means you should try something different from whatever people recognize you in. First of all remember that you’re doing this for yourself then it will be obvious that you have changed. Wear a dress that fits you well but not too tight that you cannot walk fast enough.



15. Get proper under garments.

Bra’s and panties are the most important things to make your outfit make sense. If you have wrong bra then your breasts droop and make you look old. If you have the proper underwear then your jeans also fit better for those with tummies plus your bum is firmly held.



16. Sleep for 7-8 hours.

Just sleep. It is good for your skin, you’re happier and generally better health.


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