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19 Crazy Things That Goes Through A Girls Head When She Sleeps Over For The First Time


The first time you sleep at your boyfriend’s house could either be planned or might just have happened by default.

Regardless of how you ended up sleeping over there, there are crazy things that go through your mind the first time you sleep over.

I mean you’re used to spreading yourself across your own bed and occasionally you drool when the dream is too good and now you’re sharing a whole bed with a man.

It can be nerve-wracking because you like this guy but you want to look like sleeping beauty the whole night. I bet that these 19 crazy thoughts have gone through your mind when you slept over.

1. So you get there and you wonder should I help in the kitchen?

2. How do I tell him I am hungry and I need food to survive since he has nothing but alcohol?


3. Thank God he only has one roommate and two bedrooms.

4. Can I put my legs up on his couch?

5. I wonder how big his bed is.

6. What if I fart while sleeping oh my goodness, the horror.

7. Should I make the first move or wait for him?

8. Oh, my goodness, he has a pet and I hate all animals.

9. I didn’t carry pyjamas will he let me borrow a shirt? What if I don’t fit because he is so skinny and I am thick AF.

10. Should I shower before I sleep so he knows how clean I am even if I don’t like showering at night when it’s this cold.

11. The bed is big enough but I want to cuddle all night, is that too needy?

12. OMG, I woke up first what should I do? Cook breakfast? But I hate cooking.

13. Morning breath is so bad and I can’t find the toothpaste.

14. I’ve been awake for so long and he isn’t waking up.

15. Are we spending the day together?

16. Man why does he have to play FIFA when I am here, I thought it was us time.

17. Damn, I should just storm out of this house and go home.

18. I hope I looked amazing when I was sleeping.

19. How will I pee and even worse if I want to poop?

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