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25 Reasons To Use Druts For Web Hosting

Druts Web Hosting

Druts Web Hosting

With so many hosting companies out there choosing which one to host your website with can be a challenge. Although they all have their pros and cons in this list we are going to take you through 25 reasons to use Druts for web hosting. Hopefully by the end of it you will not only have a better idea of what to look for in a web host but also see why Druts Web Hosting is a solid choice.

World Class Support

One of the first things you are going to want to look for in a web host is support. If it doesn’t have good support then when things go wrong you’ll be on your own.


Works Well With WordPress

As one of the largest blogging platforms and content management systems out there, you can almost be sure that you will need support for WordPress on your web host. Druts hosting is optimized to meet your needs if you are planning on running WordPress.


Numerous Coupons

In case you didn’t know there are multiple coupons you can use to get a discount on Druts hosting. Click here for the best hosting plan with discount.


Easy To Use cPanel

One of the biggest things you want to make sure your web host has is cPanel. This will give you an easy to use interface where you can make new email accounts, set up WordPress, and transfer files.

If you plan on installing WordPress, Druts has a handy little tool called Fantastico that can be accessed from your cPanel that makes the WordPress installation a breeze.


Money Back Guarantee

Although you’re not going to need it, Druts has a 45 day money back guarantee on their service.


Award Winning Services

Mentioned as one of America’s fastest growing companies in Inc. Magazine, Druts earned this spot through solid performance and customer satisfaction over the long run.


Unlimited Email Accounts

If you plan on having emails then Druts has you covered. There web hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts.


Effective SEO Tools

If ensuring that your content gets ranked in search engines is a big concern for you Druts has some effective tools that will make SEO simple.


Easy Application Hosting

Whether you’re trying to start a Wiki or install WordPress and Joomla Druts has over 75 built in scripts to make the installation process quick and easy.


Supports Numerous Programming Languages

With CGI, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, and more Druts has support for all the programming languages you will need to build a stunning website.


Spam Protection

With SpamAssassin you don’t need to worry about spam email coming to your account.


Online Tutorials and Videos

You have access to an online support portal with over 500+ video tutorials and 680+ help articles.


Free Website Builder

Although you will most likely be using WordPress or some other content management system to construct your web site, if you are looking for a simple website builder then fear not, Druts had the foresight to include this with your web hosting plan.


Strong Community

When it comes time to seek help not only does Druts have some of the best support in the world it also has a devoted community that you can tap into on the Druts community forum.


Free Website Transfer

You hosting plan will come with free Wwebsite transfer, domain transfer, MySQL transfer, script transfer.


Weekly Data Backups

With weekly off site data backups of your files you can sleep better at night knowing that your information has an extra layer of protection.


Unlimited MySQL Databases

For those of you in need of extra databases Druts allows you to run unlimited MySQL databases on your account.


Green Web Hosting

Druts has taken several initiatives upon itself in order to contribute to the environment one of which includes investing in Texas Wind Energy to offset server emmissions.


Unlimited Web Sites Per Account

For those of you who plan on hosting multiple websites, DRUTS conveniently allows you to have unlimited websites on your account.


Affordable Pricing

Surely one of the most important things for you to consider is price and although Druts isn’t the cheapest web host around you certainly get your money’s worth. Even then though, it’s not very expensive at all with basic packages starting around 4 dollars for a three year contract.


Good Reputation

At the end of the day your best method of determining whether a host is reliable or not is their reputation among customers, and Drutsboasts one of the best.

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