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5 pre-wedding photos that you will find creative

Pre-wedding pictures one of the most creative photo shoot that a couple will have. It is designed to really capture the couple in their element and git gives them a chance to tell their story how they want.
One thing to note is that for pre-wedding shoots, anything goes and this is exactly why people have so much fun with it. From dressing up in shouting costumes to crazy locations and weird themes, couples around the world have done it all. One recurring theme is the kidnapping theme where the fact that you both are married until death is played upon. The brides act like they are kidnapping their men and the men play the hostage.
It results in a very hilarious result that can make you fall off your chair and roll on the floor.
five of the funniest kidnapping themed pre-wedding shoots for your amusement:
1. Where do you think you are going?
Pre wedding photos
Here the groom is trying to fly away with the wind but his bride is not having it. She is keeping him grounded…in more ways than one.
2. The hunt is over
This is the hunter and animal theme. This bride here has caught and tied up the groom like an animal. The picture portrays that she hunted and caught him and now, the hunt is over.
3. It’s me and you forever
Here the husband only managed to write help before being dragged away by his bride. The bride herself looks happy that she has caught a ‘big fish’ for life.
4. No one will ever know
Here the bride has tied up her captive groom and is putting him in the boot to transport him somewhere; maybe their matrimonial home. The groom is helpless in her hands.
5. You are mine forever and ever
This is the hunter and the animal theme again. The man is looking helpless and the bride, the hunter, is happily holding her machete and not ready to allow him escape. The use of a machete and not a gun makes it all the more Nigerian.
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