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5 reasons to hold your traditonal and white wedding ceremony the same day


In Nigeria today, having your traditional wedding and white wedding on separate days has become the normal routine of the day

You see intending couples going as far as putting the white wedding, weeks even months after the traditional wedding.

However, in this recession  it might take a major toll on your financial plan and furthermore, not many friends and family members will have the luxury of travelling to two different locations for a wedding.

Having said this, i want to enlist 5 reasons why you should hold your traditional and white wedding ceremony the same day

1. Less stress on the couple and their pocket.
The stress will be over and done with.

Wedding planning is stress. If the dates are weeks apart, when you are done with the traditional wedding, you will not have time to relax because you will go straight to planning the white wedding.

This will mean looking for new make-up artists, planners, venues and all that jazz.

2. Everyone will most likely make it.

If you have both ceremonies on the same day, people will prioritize the wedding and make sure to show up knowing there is no other ceremony after to make it up to you. A wedding full of your loved ones will make any bride and groom very happy. With your weddings on the same day, Heavy turn up is assured.

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3. Eliminate the idea of paying for edibles twice

Coming to think of it, You cannot assume because people ate on the traditional wedding, and impose a “No food rule” on your white wedding. Courtesy demands that you serve food and drinks on both days. But you can overcome this stress if the event is done on the same day, where people come to the event once, eat once and then the event is over.

4) You will have your spouse in shorter time.

Usually, it’s only after the white wedding that everybody will recognize you as husband and wife and you will be able to move into your new house.

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If the traditional wedding is in January and the white is in July, you will have to wait a whole six months before you can have your spouse to yourself and if you are waiting until your wedding night, that will be unplanned extra waiting period for you.

Having it the same day will mean by the end of the day, you both are married in everyone’s eyes and both of you can do whatever you want together.

5) Resisting Worldly attributes

After i attended a wedding of a church member, just days to her white wedding, it was alleged that the husband-to-be cheated, the wedding was called off.

Another that made round on the internet about a lady who refused to say “I DO“, which also resulted to the wedding being called off.

A lady died on the Eve to her wedding day.
Another died on her wedding day.
Sometime in Edo, a lady died in the evening of her Traditional wedding.

Allowing intending couples to wait weeks, months before one thing could lead to another, be it a change of mind, a returning ex, people working against the marriage etc.

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All this worldly attributes can be resisted and brought to its minimum if the Traditional wedding and the white wedding are Done on the same day once and for all. And temptations are lessened.

This will reduce the cost and save the couples pocket, reduce the stress, determine large number of turn-up at the event as there is No way to make up to you if its missed, and a whole lots more.

If you have any ideas, Contributions, feel free to use the comment box below.

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