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5 reasons why Kristal’s ‘FUTO To The World concert’ might be biggest concert of 2018

Kristal FUTO To The World concert
FUTO To The World concert

Divine Empire’s ‘FUTO to the world concert’ is almost here and it promises to be massive and electrifying!

We’re just days away from the concert which is set to be debuted on the 6th Of April 2018.

Still undecided? Still unsure? You want to attend but you don’t have so much cash at hand? or want us to convince you why it will worth your time.

Take a look at these five reasons why you should attend this event that might arguably be the biggest of 2018.

1) Its Kristal’s!

He is talented, undeniably!
He is the number one star in FUTO and the 4th in Imo!
He has good connection!
If he says it gonna be lit, trust me it will!
He is fun himself!
He’s got the backing of other stars in the state, all bloggers, entertainers!
He has a massive fan baze!
Its not his first show and he has never failed!
It will be so FUTO, In FUTO, from FUTO but to the world and for them, more like telling Nigerians ‘Come let’s entertain the hell outta you’
It would have been one of those shows we attend once in a while, but for it to be Kristal‘s, we might really need a mayday on that day, don’t miss out!

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2) An eclectic list of music stars, its the concert where Stars Align !!!!!!!

With the kind of influence Kristal has in the African and South Eastern Nigerian entertainment sphere, it is not a surprise that all his friends in the industry are fully prepped to deliver exhilarating performances for his show.

The likes of Dr Barz of Hennesy Artistry, El Vicker, Humble Lion, King Jay,  Bob G, and all the crew at Divine Empire and more are expected to grace the stage wearing their best efforts.

Following announcement of the concert, fans have speculated the star will bring out top music stars; considering his relevance in the Nigerian music. Chances of this happening are pretty high as Kristal has hinted it a few times. We can expect to see performance from Top acts like… **Lips sealed** You need to be there to find out…

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3. It is just 499 Naira!

The ticket price is just N499 Naira and you can get it from the comfort of your mobile phone or at the venue, For Inquiries call 0809 726 4462 or WhatsApp : 09095017229 , 07069716706.

The combination of a cheap entry price and a quality music concert is rarely heard of but thanks to Divine Empire and Aluta Azonto who are powering the event, this is now a reality.

4. It promises to be socializing, Entertaining and Inspiring!

Complete strangers can stand silent next to each other in an elevator and not even look each other in the eye. But at a concert, those same strangers could find themselves dancing and singing together like best friends. That’s the power of music, that the power of concerts. You get entertained, carried away, joyous! You feel in the right place.

Most people are at a concert because they want to be inspired, entertained, moved; Good musicians have the mission to be bringers of joy, of ecstasy.

If you are a fan of good lyrics, punchlines or rappers, you will agree with me that it inspires!

5. Sense of occasion, Sense of belonging, meet and greet stars and ‘the show us your attire’ craze!

In an age where it’s possible not only to listen to favorite performances on your own high quality recordings but also to access multiple versions of music on Spotify, Pandora and the like, the rationale behind attending a live event for many is the occasion itself.

You get to meet stars and famous entertainers at this concerts, you have been a fan of an act, say Kristal, and havent being opportuned to meet him in person, here’s your chance!

People attend concerts because they enjoy belonging to a community with similar interests. Indeed it is not only listening together but also the opportunity to discuss and critique among friends which makes the live experience preferable to sitting at home with a recording or the radio.

Divine Empire Kristal Futo to the world

From the stables of Divine Empire in conjuction with the office of the Director of socials (Aluta Azonto) of Federal University of Technology, Kristal,  presents the ‘FUTO TO THE WORLD’ concert! The event details are below,

Date: Friday,April 6th 2018.
Venue: Hall of Mercy, Federal University of Technology, Owerri.
Tickets: Regular (N500), VIP (N1500) and Table (N7000)


Kristal FUTO To The World concert
FUTO To The World concert

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