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7 Lessons In Hygiene Some Women Need To Learn


Little lessons in hygiene.

It sometimes comes as a surprise when a woman passes by you and you cannot help but wonder when she last took a shower. The concoction of smells that emerge from some people is reason enough to spoil your day and even postpone your lunch.

It might not be common knowledge to everyone but hygiene is something you CANNOT live without.

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I will tell you this; lack of hygiene exposes you to germs, bacteria, and illnesses. Most importantly, do not start wondering why family, loved ones, and even strangers never want to be near you when you cannot stay clean. There are things that you cannot take for granted when it comes to hygiene.

Here are 7 lessons in hygiene some women take for granted:

1. Wash your face.

Washing your face helps your skin glow and also prevents the formation of white heads and blackheads. You need to know if your face is sensitive to different types of soaps or not. Some people need to use clean warm water without soap and others need soap. It’s always best to use mild soap. Ensure to wash your face every morning.

2. Wash your hands after visiting the toilet.

It annoys me how some people take this little fact for granted. It’s hygienic to wash your hands after visiting the toilet. Washing your hands prevents you from common illnesses such as amoeba and cholera.

If you want to know how bad it is, just think about how many times you have had amoeba after visiting a restaurant. I once saw a chef getting his trouser unstuck from his butt crack as I passed by the kitchen. Let’s just say I did not even sit down to order. Amoeba is actually caused by faeces.

3. Brushing your teeth.

Brush your teeth every day. Do you need to be told this? A clean mouth is the beginning of a beautiful smile. Failure to do so can lead to dental caries, bacteria lodging in your throat, tartar, and other common problems.

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4. Shower after a workout.

Sweat feels itchy and uncomfortable. Ensure to take a shower after a rigorous workout. There is always that temptation to slack on the couch because of fatigue but it is wrong.

5. Clean off your makeup at the end of the day.

Sleeping with makeup is the worst habit you can adopt. Make up can cause your skin to break and form black heads.

To give your skin a flawless look the next day, just remove all your make up.

6. Keep your hair neat.

Grooming is important because first impressions are everything. Take care of your hair by oiling or alternatively, get a hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

7. Trim your nails.

Trimming your nails prevents your nails from picking up dirt and fungus. Ensure that your nails are of manageable height and always wash them thoroughly with every hand wash. Remember amoeba.

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