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8 Signs You Have Finally Found True Love

True Love
True Love

Everybody wants to find love.

As humans, we tend to seek out other members of our species because we are social animals. The thing about love is everyone wants to be love and be loved equally in return. Dating, which is the process by which we find love, can be exhausting and quite hard. How do you know you’ve found the one? Here are 8 signs you’ve finally found true love:

1. Push you towards self-actualization

Someone who loves you wants you to achieve your dreams. They believe in you and your dreams. They are willing to provide support while you pursue your dreams. If your date is like, then you’re on your finding love.


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2. Manages their anger when you’re being annoying

They do get angry but they never explode and say nasty things to you. They control their anger and are always willing to apologise when they are wrong.


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3. Respect your opinions even if it differs from theirs

They respect you and your opinions even though those opinions may differ from theirs. That right there is a matured person.

4. Never gossip about you

Someone who cares about you and loves you will never gossip about you or say disparaging things to their friends.


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5. Doesn’t berate you in public

When you do annoying things in public that frustrates them, they don’t explode and berate you in public. They can control themselves both in public and private.


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6. Care about your health

Someone who loves you will also care about your health, both physical and mental health.


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7. Never burst your bubble

They never put you down. Your partner never bursts your bubble, whether it is a joke or things that are important to you. They actually to understand.


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8. Actually, listens to you

Many people listen with only the intent to reply/counter your argument. If your partner actually listens to what you’re saying and understands, then they must hold you in the highest esteem.

If your partner is showing all these signs, chances are you have finally found the elusive true love of your life.

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