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8 websites every blogger(s) Should Visit for a better and safe Blogging Experience

Websites for every blogger
Websites for every blogger
Some websites were created to make blogging life an easy and safe experience, some of them are needed in our day to day blogging life – but because many don’t know about it the, the see blogging as hell. well here are a list of them for you to use, and reduce the stress in blogging by 23%.

1) Groups For You

Website: Groupsforyou

For those bloggers who drive there traffic From Facebook or who are seeking for social signals, Groups for you is an autoposter website that post your contents to all your Facebook groups in a click. all you need to do is put the content in a box provided for you, and either tick the groups you need to exempt others, or simply select all if you want it to be posted on all your groups. then choose the delay time (Time it will take the autoposter to post between two groups, so as not to get you banned by Facebook, i recommend 35 secs). So head over to Groupsfor you now, and use it why it last.
Groups For you is also a Facebook group directory that enables you to easily find a Facebook group online.

2) Pablo and Picmonkey

Website: Pablo and Picmonkey

 So as not to use copyrighted images on your blog, and so as not get banned by adsense.

The above websites are places where you can go and create your custom blog post images. you can create all types and sizes. so instead of you to be copying images from other bloggers, you can be able to create your own for free. just the way you want it, and in minutes. (Example is the featured image i used in this post)

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3) Total Ping

Website: Total ping

 just as you guessed, it is a ping website just like ping goat and all the rest of them, but an outstanding feature of total ping is actually that you do not need to visit there site every time you update your blog to ping the ping services, there are widgets available on there website that when placed on your blog will automatically do they pinging whenever you update your blog.

For those who don’t know what pinging is all about, a ping is the web version of distress call in which search engine are alerted that you have updated your blog, This leads to faster crawling, and better indexing. So visit Total ping Today.

4) Keyword Planner (Google Adwords)

Website: Keyword Planner

A lot of bloggers write good articles, with the hope of getting organic traffic from the article, but end up getting none. Why? Because the never planned their keyword to know what people are really searching for so as to know the right keywords to use and stuff.

Keyword planner is a google tool, used to find insights on keywords,  insights like, how many people searched for that particular keyword in a month, From which locality and other info. For example if i type in the word WORDPRESS PLUGINS in the keyword planner it will come up with stuffs like( Best WordPress plugins was searched 1 million times in one month, security WordPress plugins was searched 100 times in a month, etc) Before you write any article endeavor to use the keyword planner, so as to know the particular keyword driving the highest traffic at the moment.

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 5) Tomato Timer (Optional)

Website: Tomato Timer

Some of we bloggers overwork ourselves without resting our brains, without someone or something telling me to stop, i can be on my PC for 6 hours no movement. this is not good on my health.

until i came across the tomato timer website, that Time’s you , so you know how long you have being on the PC, and whenever the timer reads to the end, it alerts you and possibly stop all your work for you to go and rest for 5 minutes.

As am writing this post the timer is on and was set for 25 minutes. once it reaches the deadline, it alerts me for me to rest, for my health – so that i can live to write another day..lol

This is not necessary, if you think you want to write with no disturbance please ignore the timer and go on.

6) Propeller Ads

Website: Propeller Ads

A lot of us have had it tough with google adsense, some have gone to the extent of applying up to 6-7 times and still no positive response. and when you try to Search for adsense alternatives, you see hundreds of ads site, at times you get confused.

well the good news is that propeller ads, is an advertising network that is similar to adsense with a lot of ad sizes for both mobile and web.

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that accept almost all site, even ones with low traffic

Check them out today and smile.

7) Imtalk (website Submitter)

Website: Imtalk

How would you feel if you were to submit you blog?Website to 1800 social bookmarking sites with backlinks back to you just in a single click? well head over too Imtalk , which allow you submit your site to 1800 bookmarking sites.

For back-links, Traffic, Social Signals And better search engine ranking.

8) CloudUp

Website: Cloudup

Are you into music blogging, Media files, Uploads etc. You can simply upload it to Cloudup, and it will be downloaded from your blog without referring your visitors to anywhere, unlike dropbox, my.notjustok and co.  simply upload it to Cloudup, get the download link and place it where you want it to be on your blog, once your visitors click on it, the download automatically starts right there on your blog.

i really love blogging because because day by day new services are being created to help make our blogging lives easier. And all i did was to list some of the one’s i know, for you to know and be aware of.

Have a nice and safe blogging experience
(Drift King)


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