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Amazing stuff! These twin sisters gave birth to baby boys same day, in the same hospital

  • Twinning in everything.

Danielle and Kim with their husbands

Twin sisters, Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham both had their baby boys on the same day, next door to each other in the same hospital.

According to ABC News, the sisters found out they were pregnant on the same day, had a big s3x reveal celebration on the same day in November and had the same exact due date of April 22.

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When the babies didn’t come on the scheduled date, the New Jersey natives decided to induce their labour on the same day and eventually gave birth to baby boys just a few hours apart on April 28 at Ocean Medical Center in Brick with Danielle’s baby arriving at 11:42 a.m. and Kim’s at 3:21 p.m.

Twinning in everything!

Narrating their experience Danielle said, ‘Our delivery room and our hospital rooms were right next to each which was really nice. It’s so nice to have someone there.

‘All our friends and family would hop from room to room. We love doing things together anyway, so it was amazing.’

The two boys Roman Grant & Aaron Abraham will grow up to be best friends

The new mums are looking forward to raising the two boys as best friends.

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‘Oh they’ll definitely have combined birthday parties and we’ll raise them to be close,’ said Kim. ‘If they were 10 years apart they’d be close but the fact they have the same birthday is even better. We live six miles away from each other.’

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