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#BBNaija: ‘Who the crown fits’ – AMOJ


In few days, Big Brother Naija reality show “Double Wahala” will finally come to an end with just one housemate walking out with the grand prize worth 45M.

A lot has happened in the house and most of us are “in the know” while others have chosen to either watch from afar or seat on the fences. While I agree the reality show does not entirely portray Godliness but it sure helps in youth empowerment.

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I’m unabashedly a fan of this show and would like to realistically analyze the five remaining housemates. I normally do not jump into rooting for a particular housemate, I try to analyze their personalities and wouldn’t hesitate to withdraw my loyalty should he/she prove unworthy.


Last season, I rooted for Efe because he was deserving, glad he won too. This season, after keenly watching the show for few weeks, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Miracle’s personality and he hasn’t failed me for a day.

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No doubt, the five remaining housemates are amazing in their own ways, none is entirely bad but we need to entrust this huge sum to someone who can judiciously make use of it, better his/her life and also give back to the society.

Tobi is calculative and very smart. The only housemate to emerge the Head of House quadruple and I admire his strength. He also wants to expand his Photography business and run other projects with the prize. It’s obvious he is already empowered and from a very rich home, we should seek empowering the common citizen.

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Nina is a young girl with free spirit. Full of life with a great sense of humour but lacks substance and mental capability to handle such a huge sum. She isn’t confident with herself and of course will be easily distracted.

Cee-c contradicted herself the very moment she said money isn’t her problem and she can make 45M in a week. Since she already has the ability to make such an amount of money in a week, its fair enough we give it to someone who cannot. She also suggested to us that she is already empowered.

Alex is a great entertainer with an unmatchable strength. Intelligent and said she will use the money for projects and also treat his ailing father. She is still a student and needs lots of help too but considering her actions when Leo was evicted, I am of the opinion that she lacks focus, inconsistent and will most definitely not channel the prize to the proposed course.

Miracle said he will go back to aviation school for his commercial license if he wins the grand prize and also venture fully into agriculture. I was captivated immediately I heard “Agriculture” because the impart of agriculture in today’s society cannot be over emphasized. It’s also a great way of giving back to the society. He is also smart, witty, confident and intellectually awake which is evident in the way he wins the puzzle/payporte games, handling his relationship with other housemates, winning the Head of House twice and of course entertaining us.

Without prejudice, this young man has repeatedly proven to be worth our votes and it’s only sensible we put in our money to where it will be properly managed. Please, let’s vote wisely and empower the youth that is worth the empowerment.

To vote for Miracle via Text message, SMS Vote Miracle to 32052. Also follow the link below to vote through the website…. https://africamagic.dstv.com/show/big-brother-nigeria-s3/vote

Thank you.

Written by Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer. (AMOJ)
Blogger/Media PR/Analyst 08039526838 (adamaziblog@gmail.com)

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