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Top 20 hottest musicians in Imo state in 2019; No 4 is a case

Top 20 hottest musicians in Imo state in 2019; No 4 is a case
Artists chosen at random:

When a roll call of music’s finest and best has to be taken, it’s an inevitable feat that some must just be mentioned before others.

Call it competition or whatever you may but as much as these acts keep striving to be notable personalities without motives of outdoing each other, you can’t help but notice the strategies employed that makes them outstanding and ultimately puts only one person at the leading spot.

Imolites are talented. No wonder so many gifted Imo citizens became Nigeria’s most known artists. However, even among the most talented ones are those who overcame the rest in their skills and potential.

In this article and according to the directive of the Record Label scouting association of Nigeria, a secret association that aims at scouting for talented music artists and producers and helping them secure life-changing deals with popular record-labels that are looking for artists.

We were directed to select according to popularity, influence, talent, the top 20 music artists in Imo state right now (2019). How hot are you when you climb the stage?

After we met with music promoters, bloggers, show promoters, Radio OAP’s and a little mindset of the public and Imolites as a whole, we came to understand that these are the top 20 musicians in Imo.

1Things to Note

  • Artists on featured image were chosen at random just to give the image a face and are in no way the chronological order of this list.
  • We recognized some veterans in this list who might or might not appear in the future list maybe because the have left the state or have stopped doing music. Artistes whose songs have rocked the state in the past but weren’t opportune to be on the previous list.
  • Not all songs attached under each artists were the songs used to judge their hotness in that year especially the songs which weren’t released in 2019, but some songs trended from 2018 and continued strongly into 2019. We placed those songs even from years back so you can get the feel of the artists.
  • 60% of those on this list were voted in by the public, while we did a final round up.
  • This project is prestigious, we do this annually and it has come to stay.
  • Every artiste on this list is unique, if you decide to rate them according to the numbers, then that is your view.
  • On Mobile phone, Images of artistes load gradually, give it time. Its faster on Great network.

20. Briz Bryan

Born Emezie Bryan Chizim and Signed to Spectrum Entertainment Dynasty, Briz Bryan is not a new name in the entertainment industry.

The FUTO star has refused to step an inch away from Good music – With unique beats, superior voice quality, and dance steps to match. He is considered one of the unique male vocalists in Imo.

His most popular song Bad Girl received an encouraging acceptance in the music market and had thousands of downloads.

Listen to his songs

Briz Bryan – Bad Girl
Briz Bryan X Kristal X Pohzitive – Plenty Opor
Briz Bryan – My Place

19. Yung Kriss

Yung Kriss

You had no doubts he would appear on this list, right? We neither.

Yung Kriss has been a leading singer of Imo state for a long time now.

Not only handsome and charming, but also talented as no other artiste in the state.

The Skull Records lead act keeps working with the leaders of this niche and will definitely impress his fans more soon.

Listen to his songs below;

Yungkriss Ft Xbusta _ Alhaji

Yung Kriss Ft Keony – Bolaji

18. Mayormike


Here comes another talent yet to be harnessed, talk about good indigenous music in Imo you talk about MayorMike.

Nobody just does it better than MayorMike .

Mayor of Owerri as he is fondly known by many, possesses a stylish indigenous, cultural and traditional Owerri sounds, his intellect and delivery is yet to be seconded by any.

Even with little promotion MayorMike has come to stay and we haven’t seen enough of him yet.

Listen to his songs below;

MayorMike – Grace

MayorMike – Iworiwo

17. Splendid B

Splendid B

‘Signed’ to Choplife RepublicSplendid B is one of the two ladies we have on this list and we are proud to have her here.

The queen of Pop and Imo state ‘Simi‘ reportedly has no substitute in Imo as she does well what she does best.

As one of South East’s most well-known artists,  Splendid B  makes singing look effortless. Her hit song ‘Love Me’ is a testament to the depth of talent she wields.

Constantly making a case for Imo musicians, Splendid B combines absolute skill, and a flawless command of her act, to produce hits one after another.

Listen to his songs below;

Splendid B – Manya

Runway ft. Splendid B x MoonBoy – Radio Call

Splendid B – Love Me

16. Duall

Duall Sings

Say this was a chess board, if someone pushes Psquare towards my king, then I will comfortably block with Duall and calmly go to bed, with no worry; Yes you heard right.

Duall (Pronounced Dual) is a Nigerian duo of identical twin brothers based in Imo state who has really shown that two heads in music are really better than one.

Their most popular and recent song ‘Attitude’ received an encouraging acceptance in the music market and had thousands of downloads.

In the previous list, we received lots of entries on their name even in the meeting with show promoters etc. so we had to put an eye out for them.

Listen to their song;

DuaLL – Attitude
Duall – Hossana

15. Neche

Ah Oga Madam!

This is one Nigerian rapper that has given many the reason to look out more for her.  Born Winner Chinecherem, professionally known by her stage name Neche, is an Imo state based TV reality star, rapper- singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer.

Last year she won the Imo state female rapper of the year at Eceleb Awards, earlier same year she was a contestant at the popular reality TV show ‘SCTAGE’ where she made it to the final level, judges like illBliss had to certify her good to go.

Her recent song ‘Faith’ alongside its visuals left an indelible mark in the sands of Imo music.

Popularly known as ‘Keeng Neche’, she was once called Queen of rap in Imo…

Listen to her songs below;

Neche – Faith

Neche X El Vicker X Real Giz – Kpa Kpa Ngolo

14. Obeena


He broke into the limelight with ‘Remedy’ which currently has thousands of downloads.

Obeena (Pronounced Obinna) aimed at addressing the poor musical contents in the Imo industry, with his song ‘Remedy’ where he maintained he knows what the problem of the industry is and how he is going to remedy it by doing better music which he has stayed true to as he only serves good music.

Obeena , a producer and singer arranges his sound in a way that marvels, from the melodious classical tunes to the beautiful tempo and lets not forget, the pattern he uses to fuse his voice to the intriguing tune.

He is really good, you really need to look out for him! His upcoming EP is titled ‘Book of Owerri’.

Listen to his songs below;

Obeena – Remedy

DJ Faraday – holam stand featuring Blazer Q, Patwando, Obeena, and Keony

Obeena X Patwando X Zeekyboy – Woman Back

13. Mel Padrino

Mel Padrino

Mel Padrino is to Imo state what Maleek Berry is to Nigeria!

He stormed the industry with his break out single ‘Ready’.

Since then, we haven’t looked back or entertained the thought of passing up on Padrino’s possibilities. Having stayed true to his craft, it’s only aptly fitting that he has attained success in building his artiste profile to becoming one of the Imo Ent. industry’s respected acts in the A-list category.

He dished out recently a beautiful tune ‘My Lady’ featuring DMW B-red just after previously waking the street and music lovers from sleep with his melodious jam ‘Ogini’.

Listen to his songs below;

Mel Padrino – Ogini

Mel Padrino – Ready

Mel Padrino – One Night

12. Viggo


Viggo is a lone ranger. One who flies on his lane.

Viggo, signed to Castor’s YBE label via his sound is finding success in reducing the tempo of mainstream music.

He operates on a mid-tempo level, infusing razz and multiple percussive influences into his tune.

Viggo delivers good lyrics and has a great vocal prowess, This list is not complete without him on it.

Talk about someone from Imo state to compete with the likes of Joeboy and Crayon, Viggo is your call!

Listen to his songs below;

Viggo – “No Be Lie”

Viggo – Owo Necessary

11. Leeroy


He broke into the limelight with ‘Bishop Court’ which currently has thousands of downloads.

Leeroy is one of the finest rappers in Imo and Nigeria as a whole and is believed to be better than Vector in terms of salutatory flow.

Whenever he steps unto the stage, the IMSU graduate always gets a standing ovation, because he does best what he knows how to do.

His latest release ‘Man No Be God’  featuring Zoro has been certified good to go by the streets.

Listen to his songs below;

Leeroy Afrika Ft. Zoro – Man No Be God

Leeroy – Oga Timo

Leeroy – Bishops Court

Leeroy – Obodo Oyinbo ft Ok-David

10. HumbleLion


You are new to Imo state if HumbleLion doesn’t ring a bell!

The Recording and Perfoming rapper-singer is another fine music breed worthy of export into the international music market.

He used to be a member of the music group “YBACM” until he decided to go on doing music as a solo artiste.

Also into graphics designing as another way of him trying to give back to the industry, and make it easy for his colleagues.

The Humble Records boss keeps working with the leaders of this niche and will definitely impress his fans more soon.

Aside from his first set of musics that broke him into the music scene in Imo, and his recently released ‘Simba, Son of Mufasa’ EP, we just cannot get enough of his recently released ‘Perfect‘.

Listen to his songs;

Humblelion – Perfect

HumbleLion ft Kristal – Blood

HumbleLion Ft. Zicky (Gteck) – Veronica

Humble Lion – Addicted

9. Cajeto


Currently the man of the moment in FUTO, I heard!

Then his songs concurred to why he gets the audience on their feets with his name on their mouths.

Alika, Cajeto de swagga or simply Cajeto is not a new name in the music scene in Imo.

The freestyle king and Runway Entertainment lead act has a unique type of music that is marred by jabs and physical freestyle recognizance.

He stormed the industry with his break out single ‘Alika’.

While his latest release ‘Jeje’ is fast gaining form, we still find ourselves catching some cruise to his previously released track, ‘Perfect Gentleman’ once every other while.

Also, his ‘Alika like Cajeto‘ concert is fast gaining acceptance and form.

Listen to his songs below;

Cajeto – Alika

Cajeto Ft. F2 – Perfect Gentle Man

Cajeto – Jeje ft. MoonBoy

8. Blazer Q

Blazer Q

First it was his voice that many fell in love with but Blazer Q has proven over and over again that He is into music and music is into him.

The Madonna University Mass Communication graduate and radio friendly artiste has certainly won our hearts time and time over. Not only did he entrap our senses with his luscious light tenor and high vocal pitch, he’s succeeded in amassing more than just a smash hit in the process.

Aside from his first set of musics that broke him into the music scene in Imo, we just cannot get enough of his recently released ‘Ebelebe‘.

The Bullionville recording and performing artiste late last year released a 5 track EP titled ‘Years with Anna’ and even held a listening party for it.

A track off the EP ‘Local boys’ in which he featured DJ POP has a 5 on 5 rating and thousands of downloads on Nigeria’s number one music site, Tooxclusive.

He also won the next new star at the 2019 edition of Owerri’s prestigious award, Eceleb.

Listen to his songs below;

Blazer Q – “Local Boys” ft. Funky DJ Pop

Blazer Q – Ebelebe

BlazerQ – Gbojom ft Xbusta & F2

Blazer Q – Billion Gang (BG)

7. UC Flamez

Uc Flamez

He picked the right opportunity at the right time, and the rest has become history.

He is the only rapper in the east who made it to the top ten on Olamide’s ‘Who You Epp’ competition.

UC Flamez won the Artist of the year at the 2019 Eceleb Awards, he is also the mind behind the biggest rap gathering in Owerri, Owerri Rap League.

While his songs ‘Owerri Anthem‘ and ‘Akwakuma’ are still making waves, we cant still get enough of his recently released ‘Akachukwu’.

He happens to be one of the very few who have held down the typical owerri sound in music.

Listen to his songs below;

UC Flamez – Akwakuma
UC Flamez – Owerri Anthem


UC Flamez – Akachukwu

Money on my Mind – Uc Flamez

6. Kristal


Kristal sealed his entry into the music scene with a series of breathtaking jams.

From the release of ‘Hurricane’ and the follow-up banger that drew the public attention on him ‘Welcome to Owerri’.

Kristal’s sounds are majorly beastly, lyrically and radically influenced and then they’re married with his comfortable fast rap range, Call him the Eminem of Owerri and you wouldn’t be doubted.

The latest graduate and Engineer in town used to be the number one star in FUTO and is reportedly the fastest rapper in the South East.

He doesn’t stop working or serving us vibes as he recently annonced on social media about his upcoming ‘Shockwave‘ EP, believe me its gonna be the future, ‘Dinero‘ which came off the EP is already a walking jam bomb.

Listen to his Songs below;

Kristal – Hurricane
Kristal – Welcome to Owerri
Kristal – Way Up
Kristal ft Uc Flamez – DINERO

5. Gteck


Real Kings Entertainment duo  “G-teck Ugonabu” Zicky and Sparkinz are definitely the number one talented duo in the music scene in Imo.

They secured their place in the music scene after dropping ‘Legit’ and ‘Money Minded’ before finally topping the charts with ‘Nwachinemelu’

Still trying to give back to the music scene, Zicky tried also getting his hands on music covers and artworks design, and since then is arguably one of the biggest graphics designers in Imo.

While we await their ‘Vibes or Nothing’ EP dropping sometime this year we can’t get enough of their Selebobo featured song ‘Steady’.

Zicky handles the rap while Sparkinz takes the chorus, giving us the perfect tune whenever they hit the studio. Also off their ‘Vibes or Nothing’ EP is a beautiful jam ‘On God’.

Listen to their Songs;

Gteck – Nwachinemelu
Gteck – “On God” ft. Jaywillz
G-teck – “Steady” ft. Selebobo

4. Reflex Sounds

Reflex Sounds

You know when someone is too good that when you hear he’s still upcoming to others or not fully blown, you shed tears!

Reflex is not only good but good to go! He is so creative that he has always found ways to play around with trending videos online and turn them into something the eyes and ears will appreciate.

The multiple award-winning Pop singer, Music And Radio Producer/Recording Artist/Audio & Sound Engineer/Voice Over Artist is another fine music breed worthy of export into the international music market.

The Radio friendly artiste has certainly won our hearts time and time over. Not only did he entrap our senses with his luscious light tenor and high vocal pitch, but he’s also succeeded in amassing more than just a smash hit in the process. Reflex can make a remix/cover of your song and you would wonder why you didn’t have him on the main song in the first place.

Yes he is that good.

This guy has…Mehn..You really need to listen to this guy! His song ‘Oga shake body’ featuring Duncan Mighty has received huge acceptance nationwide with over 997k streams and his ‘Mikwere‘ is gaining form on Radio.

Remember that number 4 I told you about, that is a case? You are welcome!

Listen to his songs below;

Reflex – “Oga Shake Body” ft. Duncan Mighty
Reflex – “Mikwere”
Reflex Soundz – Amen
Reflex Soundz – Amaka Can Dance ft. Sojay & Sparkle

3. F2


F2 is our number three on this year’s list of the most hottest and talented musicians in Imo.

The Graduate of Prosthesis and Orthopaedic Technology from FUTO sealed his entry when his song ‘Gyration’ received huge attention from the streets and got massive airplay on the radio.

He went ahead to dish out ‘Salute’ before sinking us with an indigenous trap song ‘Hapuchaa’.

Since then the rap maestro hasn’t stopped dishing out hits upon hits.

At an album launch that was graced by the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo state, F2’s performance got the Political Juggernaut dancing.

The story further changed for good when he got signed by Kun Khalifa’s owned label ‘7th Republic’ that saw him dish out his recent hit song ‘SHIMA‘ alongside its visuals.

And since then his story has been different! He recently dished out ‘Otito’, after penning down a deal with a new label.

Listen to his songs below;

F2 – Shima
F2 – Hapuchaa
F2 – Salute
F2 – Gyration
F2 – “Otito”

2. Pryme

Signed to Nu Comrades entertainment, Pryme is our number 2 and we are proud to have him here.

He stormed the industry with his break out single ‘Trumpet’.

Since then, we haven’t looked back or entertained the thought of passing up on Pryme’s possibilities. Having stayed true to his craft, it’s only aptly fitting that he has attained success in building his artiste profile to becoming one of the Imo & Nigeria Ent. industry’s respected acts in the A-list category.

As one of South East’s most well-known artists,  Pryme makes singing look effortless. His hit songs ‘Kilode’ and ‘Surulere’ is a testament to the depth of talent he wields.

Constantly making a case for Nigerian musicians, Pryme combines absolute skill, and a flawless command of his act, to produce hits one after another.

He featured Davido and Peruzzi on ‘Kilode’, which currently has thousands of downloads.

The IMSU Graduate is, without doubt, one of the finest singers Imo has ever produced.

Listen to his songs below;

Pryme Ft Davido And Peruzzi – Kilode
Pryme – Trumpet
Pryme – Surulere

1. Xbusta


You knew he was gonna headline the list? Lol…

Xbusta is our number one on the list of the most hottest and talented musicians in Imo 2019. (A round of applause please…)

Finally, He returns to his long deserving number one spot having been displaced by the likes of F2 and Kelly Handsome in times past.

The Estate Management graduate from IMSU sealed his entry when his song ‘Chom’ received huge attention from the streets and got massive airplay on the radio.

He went ahead to dish out ‘Badder Than Them’ featuring Splash before sinking us with an indigenous rap song ‘Real Nigga’ featuring Vector.

Since then the rap maestro hasn’t stopped dishing out hits upon hits.

Born Golden Okafor Chinedu, Xbusta grew up in Abuja were the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and the rest of them had it tough from, Dragun or Daddy Eh as he is fondly called intrigues with a deft rap prowess that has successfully defied social associations and class hierarchies.

What he lacks in physical appeal, he makes up with great lyrical content, perhaps the twisted version of Yung6ix.

Xbusta was signed into E-Money’s owned Five Star Music Group but left in 2018, after his label mates, Skiibi and Harrysong found their ways.

And since then his story has been different!

He has performed on stage with the likes of Kcee, Skiibi, MI, Praize, Olamide, Phyno, Dr Sid, Naeto C and so many others.

And has also worked with Vector, Skiibi, Splash, 2face, Harrysong, Humblesmith, Peruzzi and many other.

His collaboration with Skiibi was produced by 2face.

Xbusta recently dropped a joint EP with duo Playaz titled ‘Friendship’ and a track off the EP ‘God Forbid’ have rceived tremedous downloads and streams online in the last few months.

From his nominations and awards, Xbusta’s net worth is estimated to be at around $100,000 (According to infoguideafrica).

Xbusta has won a lot of competitions for himself in the entertainment industry. Some of them include:
✓ Winner of the Amstel Malta show time, in Enugu, 2011
✓ Winner of the king of the mic in Owerri, 2012
✓ Winner of the freestyle king in Imo State, 2012
✓ Winner of the lyrical lords, 2013
✓ Winner of the Imo carnival best artiste, 2014
✓ Winner of the luxury city/ sugar land 1 million Naira competition, 2015 and many others

Just so you don’t get tired of reading because I’m barely exhausted with the points to write about Xbusta, I’ll stop here ‘cos it’s obvious at this juncture why he’s number one.

Yet, it doesn’t look like he’s about to slow down because there’s been fresh reports about a collaboration with an A-list musician, He doesn’t just stop working!

Listen to his songs below;

Xbusta x Peruzzi – “Somebody Crush”
Xbusta – “Ogologo” Ft. Harrysong
Xbusta x Skiibii – Proud Of My Woman
Xbusta – God Forbid
Xbusta Ft Humblesmith – Somebody

Just because we mentioned 20 doesn’t mean its all we’ve got! We have talents crawling over the eastern heartland, here are more artistes you should look out for in 2020, Dtwinz, UGEE, Mezz, Janex Mara, Mk Utibe, Jayphil, Mr Icon, Wonder Ihieri, Mega C, AJ Stailes, Lagboski, Kashkay, Mobrek, Blair Sings, Amaka Gift and Thunderboy Muse.

Who did we miss? Tell us in the comment box below…


A recognition given to people who have proven times and times again to be the major supporters of music and artistes in Imo state in 2019′

Yungroc, Luke Nathans, Mc Tboy, Certified Camille, Leo saint, Nwacheat, Blex B, Esure & Acharaman.

Reviewed by the Panel of 9 and to be submitted to Record labels on 12th of June as directed by Record Labels Scouts of Nigeria(RLSN).

Supported by

TNR Media, Boom Naija, SMD Graphix, SweetNaija Music, Blizz TV, Bossgist.com, Jety Media, Metrolife.ng, Adamazi Blog, Quingist, Elitism6.com.ng, Certified Camille, Darling FM, Weforce Digital, Uncle Mark, Screengist.com, Orjisblog Media, Amiboisland, Otowngist.

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How Designers Are Taking Face-Mask Printing A Notch Higher

With no sign of COVID-19 dusts settling soon, Indonesian and Malaysian designers are taking their skills in face-mask designing a notch higher.

Customers are ordering designs with their own faces printed on reusable neoprene material, some with smiling faces, or big red lips.

A 46-year-old Heni Kusmijati has one such mask made for him.

“When people see us, they seem to be wondering why we are smiling and laughing,” he said.

According to Reuters, a print shop in Jakarta added masks to it’s list of services after the pandemic took a toll on its sales.

Customers place the orders online along with their photos of their faces.

Face mask designs
A vendor sells face design masks at a traditional market to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Jakarta, Indonesia June 23, 2020. [Photo: Reuters]

“At the beginning, we were skeptical,” the shop owner said of making masks. “But later, the demand surged, and it helps us to recover the business loss.”

A single mask takes just about half an hour to produce. Each piece costs and estimate of USD 3.50.

There are many similar ideas in South East Asia.

For instance, a special effects artist in the Philippines makes horror masks.

A Thai single mother on the other hand designs face shields with cartoon and movie characters prints.

Batik designs are common in Malaysia even though wearing masks isn’t mandatory in the country. But business establishments requires that one does so.

Some designers make them using soft cotton materials decorated in dye, wax and other ancient accessories. The product includes optional pockets for adding filters. OMGVOice.

Rtr. Amb. Emmanuel Charles: The man who connected ROTA-FUTO to the world

Rtr. Amb. Emmanuel Charles

‘The life and times of Rtr. Amb. Charles Emmanuel, the immediate past president of the Rotary Club of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo state (2019-2020, Rotary Connects the world year)’ – Written by Rtr. Onyejeme Philemon (Drift King) with support from Rtr. Blake.

Emmanuel Charles is a dedicated creative designer, a passionate humanitarian, an irreplaceable journalist, a result-oriented fellow, and a focus entity who finds outstanding solutions to every problem and challenges.

He is a computer scientist and has developed a Techsavy personality in the department of computer science at the Federal University of Technology Owerri.

Rotr. Charles hails from Isieke, Umualaoma, in Ideato North local government in Imo State. He was born on the 27th of December, some Rotary years ago, into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Ibeh, he happens to be the first son of three children and the grandson of Eze Onyeoruru of Umualaoma, Ideato North.

He had his elementary education at Gracia Nursery/Primary School and Secondary education at National High School Aba, Abia state.

His zeal and commitment in selfless development, goal-getting, and responsive leadership encouraged him to join and become an active member of the Rotaract Club of Futo and National Association of Nigeria Students.

By total keenness and generous service, he held the following positions in school and behold, with lucrative accomplishment.

 Social prefect of National High School Aba, Abia State.
 100L public relations Officer in the Computer Science department 2016/2017.
 Active president of Futo Student Society of Journalist (FSSJ).
 CEO Nuel Concept

I won’t forget to talk about his Rotary life, Charles was inducted into the Rotaract family in the year “Be the inspiration” and has functioned in various capacities.

 Club services director of Rotaract club of Futo 2016/2017
 Most devoted board of director (Be the Inspiration) 2017
 Project Clean and Green chairman
 Be the inspiration President nominee 2017/2018

He is the man who is keen to serve, who loves leadership stories, ideologist traveler, always out to make a difference. I present to you Rotr. Emmanuel Chukwudi Charles, the 35th president Elect of Rotaract Club of Federal University of Technology, District 1942.

Here are some photos of the works that were done under him, the projects he executed, and some photos that hold great memories to those who served under him.

Dear Rtr. Amb. Emmanuel Charles, you have fought the good Rotaract fight of faith, you are a jolly good fellow and you will be missed, thanks for connecting ROTA-FUTO to the world.

(Rtr. Onyejeme Philemon ‘Drift King’)

New Music: Arinzay – “No One Like You”

Rock Gospel Singer, Arinzay, delivers a melodious song centered on praises and appreciation to God in new single “No One Like You”.

Arinzay lends his voice on the piano-based track talking about how no one is like God and how God is the greatest. Delivered in English and Igbo, this song is definitely  what you need in praise and worship.

Download below:

Download Arinzay – “No One Like You”

Nigerian Singer Humblesmith provides relief to families affected by lockdown

Since the total lockdown of the country due to the spread of COVID-19, several people have been adversely affected from the closure of their business.

With this in mind, Singer, Humblesmith has joined some well-meaning Nigerians who have extended their hands of charity to those in need at this critical period.

The singer recently distributed food items to some people in Lagos State, to help ease their hunger.

According to Humblesmith, he feels fulfilled to donate to the needy.

Source: trendz9ja

BELIEVE (covid – 19) Godboy Feat. Singah, Shugavybz, Pryme, Dj Switch, Leeroy Afrika, Xbusta King Bernard, Rogerlino

Godboy Just recorded a song to spread awareness on the coronavirus pandemic and the importance of safety. The song is titled BELIEVE (covid – 19) and it features Singah x Shugavybz x Pryme x Dj Switch x Leeroy Afrika x Xbusta x King Bernard .

Godboy Just recorded a song to spread awareness on the coronavirus pandemic and the importance of safety. The song is titled BELIEVE (covid – 19) and it features Singah x Shugavybz x Pryme x Dj Switch x Leeroy Afrika x Xbusta x King Bernard .

Godboy Just recorded a song to spread awareness on the coronavirus pandemic and the importance of safety. The song is titled BELIEVE (covid – 19) and it features Singah x Shugavybz x Pryme x Dj Switch x Leeroy Afrika x Xbusta x King Bernard .

How The 36 Nigerian States Got Their Names

  1. Abia

Abia is an acronym from the four main groups of people in the state as at the time it was formed in 1991: Aba Bende Isuikwuato Afikpo.

  1. Adamawa

Adamawa was named after a warrior, Modibbo Adama Bin Ardo Hassan, that conquered the region in the beginning of the 19th century.

  1. Akwa-Ibom

Akwa Ibom is named after the Qua Iboe (or Kwa Iboe) River.

  1. Anambra

The state got its name from the corrupted version of Oma Mbala (Ànyịm Ọma Mbala), a popular river in the area.

  1. Bauchi

‘Bauchi’ is Hausa word meaning the southern flanks of Hausaland. Tribes living in the southern parts of the Hausaland were referred to as “kasashen bauchi” and the area they lived in later came to be known simply as Bauchi.

  1. Bayelsa

Bayelsa is a combination of the acronyms of three local government areas which were pulled out of old Rivers state — Brass LGA known as BALGA, Yenegoa LGA known as YELGA and Sagbama LGA known as SALGA. in the formation of their names is BA + YEL + SA

  1. Benue

The state was named after the “europeanised” corruption of ‘Binuwe’, the Batta word for ‘Mother of Waters’.

  1. Borno

The alternative name of the Kanuris, the predominant ethnic group in the state, is ‘Borno’ which gave inspiration for the naming of the state.

  1. Cross River

The state took its name from a River called Oyono or Cross River.

  1. Delta

The state is where the River Niger forms a delta as it enters the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. Ebonyi

Ebonyi is the anglicised version of ‘Aboine’, a river that cuts through Abakaliki, the state capital.

  1. Edo

The Bini people who dwell in the area had always referred to themselves as Edo or Iduu. This inspired the name of the state.

  1. Ekiti

‘Okiti’ is a term that is said to denote a settlement of many hills. It later became ‘Ekiti’.

  1. Enugu

Due to the many hills and rocky terrain in the area, the people named it in igbo, “Enu Ugwu” meaning “top of the hill”. The state is named after the anglicised version, Enugu.

  1. Gombe

Gombe is the dialect of Fulani language (Fulfulde) spoken in the area.

  1. Imo

Just like many of the Nigerian states, Imo took its name from the popular river, Imo Mmiri.

  1. Jigawa

Jigawa takes inspiration from its distinctively golden-coloured soil.

  1. Kaduna

‘Kadunas’ is the plural form of crocodile in Hausa. The state therefore got its name from the many crocodiles in Kaduna River

  1. Kano

Kano was the name of a blacksmith from the Gaya tribe who settled in the area while sourcing for ironstone. The state was named after him.

  1. Katsina

The state was named after the wife of a popular local ruler known as Janzama. Her name was Katsina.

  1. Kebbi

It is said that Kebbi was named after the Ka’abba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

  1. Kogi

Since the popular confluence in Nigeria is located in the state, Kogi is said to have been derived from ‘kogin’, the hausa word for river.

  1. Kwara

River Niger used to be called River Kwara by the Nupes at the Northern border of the state. The state was named after this.

  1. Lagos

In 1472, the first set of Europeans to set foot in Lagos were the Portuguese. Due to the many lagoons and rivers in the town, they named it Lagos, which is the Portuguese word for ‘lakes’.

  1. Nasarawa

Nasarawa is a native word for ‘victorious’. The state was named by the founder of Nasarawa kingdom, Makama Dogo.

  1. Niger

This was named after the River Niger

  1. Ogun

This state was also named after a river — Ogun River.

  1. Ondo

Ondo is a word used for settlers. The state was named after the settlers of the old Ondo Kingdom

  1. Osun

This state was also named after a river — the River Osun.

  1. Oyo

The state was named after the Old Oyo empire.

  1. Plateau

The state was named after the picturesque Jos plateau. Jos got its name from the mispronunciation of the town ‘Gwosh’.

  1. Rivers

Rivers State was named after the many water bodies present in the area.

  1. Sokoto

Sokoto is the anglicized version of the Arabic word ‘suk’ meaning ‘market’ or ‘place of commerce’. The state itself was named after the defunct Sokoto Caliphate.

  1. Taraba

Taraba state got its name from the Taraba River.

  1. Yobe

Komadugu Yobe (Waube or Ouobe) or River Yobe (or River of Yo) inspired the name of the state.

  1. Zamfara

This state was named after Zamfarawa, one of the subdialects of the Eastern Hausa group.

FCT: Abuja

“Abuja” was in the earlier 20th century the name of the nearby town now called Suleja.

The indigenous inhabitants of Abuja are the Gbagyi (Gwari), with the Gbagyi language formerly the major of the region language.

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Banger Alert: Blazer Q – Take Care (M & M by MixxMonsta)

Blazer Q take care

Heavyweight Nigerian Pop & Dance-hall singer, Blazer Q comes through with a brand new effort titled “Take care”

The Bullionville Music Group frontier has in the past proven times without number that he is into music and music is into him, which has made him sit pretty high on the list of the top 20 hottest musicians in IMO state.

This heavy tune was produced by Nigerian born USA based producer, Finesse, mixed and mastered by award winning Nigerian producer and singer, Mixx Monsta.

Download below, Listen & share with friends;

Blazer Q take care


New Music: Oga Jay – “Las Las” ft. Slowdog (Prod. by Wavesboi)

Oga Jay – “Las Las” ft. Slowdog

CEO of Runway Entertainment, Oga Jay features SlowDog on another hit titled ‘Las Las‘ after their recent Jam ‘Fine Boys Like Us‘. The song was Produced by Wavesboi, M & M by WhyteMagik.

Listen and Enjoy!

Oga Jay – “Las Las” ft. Slowdog


318 cases: 13 new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 11 in Lagos, 1 in Delta & 1 in Kano

The Nigerian center for disease control has announced that 13 new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 11 in Lagos, 1 in Delta & 1 in Kano .

As at 9:30pm 11th April, there are 318 confirmed cases 70 discharged 10 deaths Lagos- 174 FCT- 56 Osun- 20 Edo- 12 Oyo- 11 Ogun- 7 Bauchi- 6 Kaduna- 6 Akwa Ibom- 5 Katsina-4 Delta- 3 Enugu- 2 Ekiti- 2 Rivers-2 Kwara- 2 Ondo- 2 Benue- 1 Niger- 1 Anambra- 1 Kano-1

Remy Jnr unveiled as the brand ambassador of Eatnownow

A food ordering and delivery platform based in the city of Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital, Eatnownow.com, today unveiled Chukwunyere Remy Jnr, the CEO of Bossgist Media as her Brand Ambassador.

Making the Announcement earlier today, the CEO of Eatnownow, Mr. Onyekwere G.N described Remy as one who is well skilled and experienced in his field and has alot to bring to the table as an ambassador.

In his response, the brand ambassador, Mr. Remy thanked the entire team of eatnownow and promised to do what he know how to do best.

Eatnownow is an online Food Ordering, Delivery and Dietary Management Platform. It offers you the opportunity to order food from a variety of restaurants, Eateries, Chefs or Vendors.

They also offer event management services with ability to power the complete food service requirement of any event in the most trendy and luxurious style.

It was recently launched in the City of Abuja on March 21st, 2020 which gives people the opportunity to order their favourite food from their choice vendors and get them delivered to them. Eatnownow delivers meals, drinks and confectioneries.

Orders from Eatnownow can be done via their website; Eatnownow.com or via their Mobile App which can downloaded from Google PlayStore or via iOS store.

Banger Alert! Sammy Jay – E Get Why ft Blazer Q (Prod. by Wisedon)

Chigoziri Ndu Aka Sammy J hails from Isi ala mbano of Imo State
Born in Owerri, he started his music career in 2012.

“E Get Why ” ft Blazer Q is his fifth single. Song was inspired by the hardship he faced growing up and striving hard to make a name for himself.


Banger Alert! HumbleLion ft Kristal – Blood

HumbleLion ft Kristal - Blood
HumbleLion ft Kristal - Blood

Off his highly anticipated album ‘Simba, Son of Mufasa‘, Imo state born, Nigeria fast-rising, finest and biggest singer, Humble Lion has released a new song.

The Perfect Woman crooner dubs this one ‘Blood‘, and he lends the professionalism of the ‘Eminem of Owerri’, Kristal, Son of Zeus.

As long as the blood is running in my veins, I will shine one day

– Humble Lion, 2020 –
HumbleLion ft Kristal - Blood
HumbleLion ft Kristal – Blood

Download below, Listen and Share with Friends;


Deejay J Masta – Aru

Penthauze Entertainment official disk jockey, Deejay J Masta comes through with a brand new single titled “Aru.”

The track was produced by Penthauze Entertainment in-house music producer, Soularge.




Banger Alert! D.A Kido – My Dear (Prod. by Elixir Factory)

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, D.A Kido comes through with a brand new single to open his account for the year titled “My Dear

The new single comes after his 2019 track titled “Onyeoma.

Check on this below and enjoy.


Kulsoul Ft. J.Martins – My Baby Correct (Remix)

From The Stables of “OIL CITY RECORDS”

Mr Kulsoul kick off This year with the remix of My baby correct which He feature Nigerian legend in the industry “J.martins

Recently J.Martins announce on his Facebook live chat about working with some serious artist from parts of the World out of 100 songs sent to j martin my Baby correct by Mr Kulsoul came 1st from”7” lucky once selected.

The video to my baby correct have been premiered on African magic Igbo song prod by wisedon guiterd by somik m/m by xtomix. Download the audio as we wait for the visual. Download below 👇

Download Now

Akpororo, Mimico, others storm Imo on February 8th for Mc Chinekeboy’s Laughtercitamol comedy concert

Akpororo, Mimico, others storm Imo on February 8th for Mc Chinekebo's Laughtercitamol comedy concert

Owerri is about to receive its first laughtercitamol dose as the first mega comedy concert of 2020 is about to go down, courtesy of MC Chinekeboy.

Egu Augustine popularly known as MC Chinekeboy through his Laughtercitamol Entertainment will shut down the city of Owerri on Febuary 8th as he hosts the premier edition of LAUGHTERCITAMOL COMEDY CONCERT at Rockview Hotel Owerri.

Comedians expected to dispense the jokes are Akpororo, Mimico, Yellowmouth, Egbeigwe, Lafingas, Aweelo, Tboy, Asorock, Bossman, Ice Candy, Duke, Zubby, Badmouth, Tushae, Stejay and many more while musical therapy will be by Acharaman, Mikeyship, Blazer Q, Ebizzy among others.

DJs on call for the day would be DJ Pop, DJ Greg, DJ Thanny, DJ Rainbow and DJ G-Icon with DJ Paky as the official Hypeman of the event.

Tickets are already  selling and can be gotten at:  Old English Bar, Spicey Suya, IMSU Rennys Fastfood, Everyday Supermarket and Rockview Hotel and are sold at:


VIP – 5K

TABLE FOR 10 – 100K

This mega comedy concert starts by 5pm and is packaged by Yellowmouth Concepts.

This event promises to give you all the dose of comedy therapy you need as nothing will be held back. Come, Relax and have fun.

Practice 18 years JAMB past questions, answers & get real CBT experience with PASS NG CBT app


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New Music: Savyola ft Nash – Wrong

Fast-rising singer, Savyola unlocks the year with a brand single.

He calls this one “Wrong” and he enlists the professionalism of Runway Entertainment singer, Nash on this one.

According to Savyola, “Wrong” is a new year gift to his fans and lovers of good music; This is coming after the success of “Luv the way”


Download Song

Visiting Owerri | Places to Visit and Amazing Things to Do in the Serene Capital of Imo State

Welcome to Owerri

The cultural powerhouse and entertainment capital of Nigeria thanks to an influx of hospitality money, Owerri has exploding tourism and entertainment scene that will keep your yansh engaged far past dawn. If you’re headed to Eastern-Nigeria, you’ll have no choice but to jump right in.

Are you planning a visit to the Eastern Heartland? With its sightseer fascinations, epicurean delights and unrivaled hospitality, Owerri enchants first-time visitors and long-time residents alike.

How to get to Owerri?

If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Owerri, the best way to get there is by Land, though faster and more comfortable by air.

Owerri is served by Sam Mbakwe Airport which is about 14 miles (23 km) South of the city. The airport is served by Aerocontractors, Air Nigeria, Arik Air and Air Peace offering daily connections to Lagos and Abuja. The city is also connected by road directly to Port Harcourt, Aba, and Onitsha. Some major roads within the city are Douglas Road, Weathral Road etc.

And you can always move around comfortably in a Bolt ride, and see all the tourist attractions around town. Visiting Owerri? Believe me when I say that there’s something for everyone.

And while you are here, here’s how to have all the fun you can get, places to visit and enjoy your stay. Whether you are visiting Imo State for business or pleasure, you will need to ensure that you have a pick of the best hotels in Owerri and have an interesting itinerary too.


Imo Concorde Hotel

If you are looking to find accommodation at leading Owerri hotels, Concorde Hotel should be on the top of your list of options. 
The hotel has 245 well-furnished rooms, including 18 royal suites, one concorde suite and one presidential suite with air-conditioning, cable TV, writing desk, bedside lamps, internet access etc. Address: New Owerri, Off Port Harcourt Road, Owerri.

All Seasons Hotels
Set in the new business district of Owerri and arguably one of the top hotels in south-east, the hotel has 124 exquisite rooms and suites designed to make you feel at home every seasons for all reasons. Address: 5047 – 5049, All Seasons Avenue, off Port-Harcourt Road, New Owerri, Owerri

Rockview Hotels

Rockview Hotel Owerri exudes luxury and opulence and is suitable for business meetings and leisure travels. Free WiFi is also available. Each room in the hotel is fitted with air conditioning, a fridge, a flat-screen TV and an en suite bathroom. At Rockview Hotel Owerri, complimentary breakfast is served daily.

It is a 4-Star rated hotel located at Plot CP/2-C-5, Government station layout, Owerri, Imo state. It boasts a towering structure with a fascinating exterior colour combination of ash and amber plus a location that is both central and strategic.


All denomination have their churches, branches situated all over Owerri and its accessibility is everything to write home about. We have it all ranging from Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal, Cherubim, etc.

So no matter what your denomination is, plus if Catholic & Anglican ain’t your thing or you feel like just worshiping God in a simple way, House on the Rock or Salvation Ministries is there for you.

Club, Best Nightlife spot

Owerri is widely known for its remarkable nightlife. With five tertiary institutions in the city, it is populated with a large number of young people and so the clubs and lounges are never empty.

Orange Room, Owerri

Orange room is regarded as the coolest hangout destination in Owerri. It is located off Goddy Onuoha Crescent, Off Sam Mbakwe Avenue, Owerri. If clubbing and adventure are some of the things you love the most, then, Orange room will be a perfect place to pass the night on a weekend. The Orange room is open throughout the day, however, visits during the night are most fulfilling

NV lounge, Owerri

NV lounge is characterized by class. If you are hoping to meet some celebrities during your visit to Owerri, you should hang out at the NV lounge. While planning on visiting this club, don’t forget to go along with your cameras as you are definitely going to meet countless celebrities that you might want to take selfies with.

Owerri is a perfect hub to unwind even at nights.  The nation’s hospitality capital lives up to standards that suit her night lovers. With a large number of pubs, bars, nightclubs, parties, concerts, hotels and restaurants.

Las Vegas Club of Titanic View Hotels.

Las Vegas Club is a nightclub in Owerri with a Bar & Restaurant. This is the best place to have a lavish and pleasant nightlife. The hub is a new world of Style and Luxury. This is the right spot for unparalleled late-night clubbing and hangouts for party lovers. Nightlife in Owerri is not complete without Las Vegas Club. 



The restaurant serves fast food with a wide range of continental and African dishes from fried-rice to ‘soups ‘n’ swallows’. With sizzling hot dishes and a wide variety of local drinks, Renny’s fast food would surely blow your mind and leave you wanting for more. Contact: 45 Ekwema Crescent, off Wetherall Rd, Owerri. 

Old English Bar & Grill
This is a top restaurant that offers a variety of Igbo dishes like Anu Nchi na ewi, Oha soup, Nsala soup, Ukwa, Egusi and bitter leaf soup as well as fresh fish pepper soup. It also offers continental dishes with delicious flavours and fresh ingredients.  Old English Bar Grills & Lounge is at – 14 Item Street, Ikenegbu Layout. Near Diamond Bank, Owerri.

Fast Food, Shawarma, Suya Best Joints.

Sharwarma at Everyday Super Market

The Shawarma joint at Everyday Super Market beside Cherubim Junction is one of the oldest and most popular shawarma spots in the city. Everyday Supermarket Office in 133, 133, Iknegbu Layout, Owerri Municipal, Imo, Nigeria (near by Opp.GTB,Off,Wetheral Road,Cherubim Junction).

You are guaranteed of getting your money’s worth. A very good alternative is the Shawarma Island at The Grand Cubana, Owerri.

Spicey Suya

Located at Shirley’s mall, 33 Ekwema Crescent, Ikenegbu, Spicey suya is both a regular restaurant and the no 1 suya spot in Owerri. If Suya is one meal that you can’t go a night without having, then, you might just have to make it to this restaurant every single night that you will be spending in Owerri. Also, if you are looking to mix up with the locals in a very relaxed environment, Spicey Suya is the place you should visit.


While traveling with your car or sending it ahead (if you are traveling by air) may seem like a great and cost-effective idea, it might not be the best option. Owerri is a dense city with many public transportation options – Taxis, Buses and Cabyhub rides.

Aside from the fact that not all the roads are well constructed and might damage your car, you do not want to waste your time looking for a hard-to-find parking spot. So take a bus or Cabyhub ride into the city, or from the airport.  The Cabyhub should take you to anywhere you want in Owerri at a very affordable price. Cabyhub happens to be the best online Taxi service right now in Owerri, So unrivaled! Address: L.G.A, Jubocs Mall close to West Brook hotel off Port-Harcourt road, Area P, New Owerri, Owerri

Oh and before you Leave | Amazing Things To do, Places to Visit.

  • Shoprite, Owerri Mall
  • Check out the controversial Statues at the Odimegwu Ojukwu Center
  • Rolling Hills, Okigwe
  • Oguta Lake
  • Ngwu Spring Natural Water, Nkwerre
  • Imo Palm Plantation Complex
  • Nekede Zoo
  • Assumpta Cathedral
  • National Museum, Owerri
  • Mbari Cultural and Art Centre
  • Owerri Mall
  • Owerri Amusement Park
  • Dan Anyiam Stadium

Banger Alert! Briz Bryan X Kristal X Pohzitive – Plenty Opor (Prod. by Gzik)

Spectrum Entertainment Dynasty head huncho and front line fast-rising singer, Briz Bryan joins forces with two of Nigeria’s finest rappers, Kristal and Pohzitive to unlock a brand new banger titled “Plenty Opor”.

Plenty Opor” was produced by Gzik, and mixed/mastered by Tflows.

Check on it below and enjoy it.


Hope 4 Tomorrow: Ideato North to get carnival of a lifetime as Humblesmith takes hope back home


Nigerian Afropop recording artist, Ekenedilichukwu Ijemba, better known by his stage name Humblesmith is set to host a carnival that many have termed a fruitful carnival of a lifetime ever to be experienced in Ideato North.

The ‘Osinachi‘ crooner who hails from Urualla, in Ideato North LGA of Imo State is set to host this positive-minded carnival as a way of encouraging the youths out there especially those in the entertainment sector not to give up on the hustle but to be hopeful, hence the name ‘Hope 4 Tomorrow’.

Hope 4 Tomorrow Carnival

The carnival is slated for December 30th, 2019, at the Ideato North Local Government HQ, Urualla, Imo State. From 6 pm till dawn.

Set to Grace this Humblesmith powered, Angela Okorie hosted and Tummy Tummy sponsored event are;

Angela Okorie (Host)
Bright Chimezie
Nigga Raw
African China
Slow Dogg
Blessing The Voice
Apama Egbeigwe
Cogency (Mc Eriwa)
Mc Mimico
Bab Rex
Diamond Okechi
Sharon Francis
Thelma (BBN19) Housemate
DJ Sloopy, And a host of other stars.

Entry is free!! Dont miss this hope for tomorrow for anything.


Proudly supported by Otownloaded Media Hub.

‘Years with Anna’: Blazer Q set to host listening party for his highly anticipated EP


Recently signed by Philippines based Bullion Ville Music, Blazer Q is making a name for himself.

Blazer Q said he expects fans to the forthcoming record, which is titled  ‘Years with Anna‘, and conclude that He “can put his head in different places and Genres”. 

The ‘Local Boy’ crooner is set to host a listening party for his EP, tomorrow the 23rd of December, 2019 and the 5 track EP will then be released the next day.


The venue is at the House of Freeda, along Port Harcourt road Owerri, Imo State.

Time is 6pm and entry is free, come and enjoy good music.

[Music] MK ft DJ BigSquare – Girl Friend (Prod. by Fey Flexy)

Mk Utibe ft DJ BigSquare – Girl Friend

Passion Driven Music front-line act, MK Utibe wraps up the year 2019 with a new song titled “Girlfriend”, produced by Fey Flexy.

For this new hit, MK who is the winner of the recently concluded Voice of Fame collaborates with DJ BigSquare to spice up the song.

Mk Utibe ft DJ BigSquare – Girl Friend

‘Girl-Friend’ is a catchy romance song that would surely have everyone dancing this Yuletide season. Put on your dancing shoe guys and enjoy this Gbedu!!!

Listen and enjoy the track below.


[MUSIC] Hero J ft Bona Thelma – Lifted (Prod. Zithers Empire)

Hero J ft Bona Thelma - Lifted (Prod. Zithers Empire)

Hero J is out with a new song, he calls this one “Lifted”.

He features Bona Thelma on this Zithers Empire produced song.

Hero J ft Bona Thelma - Lifted (Prod. Zithers Empire)

LIFTED has been buzzing on the streets since it’s release. Music lovers have aired rave reviews about the song as well.

Listen to “Lifted” and share your thoughts below.


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