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Linda Ikeji address her fake pregnancy rumor, Kemi Olunloyo and celibacy

Nigeria’s highest paid blogger, Linda Ikeji, has come out to address rumours surrounding her controversial pregnancy.

Recall that, the pregnancy photos of the 34-yr-old received mixed reactions with celebrities like Kemi Olunloyo terming her pregnancy is fake!

Well Mama Linda has finally addressed the fake rumours!

She shared the above photos of her bare bump and wrote;

(How to hide a baby bump 101. Suck belle in and wear a high waist…lol). So, a few friends have been calling me, asking me how I’m holding up with all the trolling on the internet since I announced my pregnancy. I kind of felt bad for them because they were worrying over something I wasn’t. I’ve been on the internet for nearly 12 years now, I’ve made money, I’ve met amazing people, I’ve written about folks and stepped on toes (mostly of course, unknowingly…lol). So when people troll me, that’s fine. It’s called Karma. Lol. Fortunately it doesn’t get to me. There’s nothing I haven’t been called on the internet, and it will never stop because this is where I plan to do business for the rest of my life! So we all are stuck together. I’m not going anywhere…lol.

So let’s address some issues…and the reason why I bother is for the young girls who look up to me. I owe you and will always speak to help you in anyway I can because I want you to shine and be the better version of yourself.

So number one, let’s talk about this celibacy issue. I preached it a lot of times but I have NEVER said do not have sex before marriage. Here’s what I have always said to young girls and I maintain it.

Never ever give your body to a man for money. You’re worth so much more than that. You’re beautiful beyond measure and there’s absolutely nothing a man can give you that you can’t give urself if you apply yourself, believe in yourself and work hard. Start now that you’re young, pursue your dreams, work hard till your hands are sore and ur mind is tired, never listen to anyone who tells you you’re not good enough or you’re wasting your time, and no matter how hard it gets, no matter how rough the road becomes, never give up on yourself or your dreams.

2. I’ve always also said & I maintain it; do not sleep around because your body is too precious & deserves respect. You deserve love & dignity. I’ve always said sex should only happen when you find yourself in a loving relationship, with someone you love & who loves you back. I was 100% celibate until I was ready to share my life with someone and I met the man of my dreams. (unfortunately, I can’t share him with the internet..lol)

In another post, she continued!

So here’s my prayer for you! That God will bless you so much, people won’t believe it and will question the sanity of those who do…because the blessing is so enormous, no one thought it was possible.

I wish you the kind of miracle that will leave people arguing if it’s true or not…because to them it’s just not possible – but then they forget that with God, nothing is impossible.

I pray that when your blessings come, people will be like ”it’s a lie jor!’ ‘How can?’ How come?” because no one saw it coming. I pray that God answers all your prayers and fulfills his promises to you. I hope he blesses you so much, even you can’t believe it!

Love you guys so much because you changed my life. I’ve never been happier than I am right now!
And don’t forget guys, LITV launches June 1st.
Massive hug and plenty kisses

#BBNaija: Twitter User Claim Miracle’s God Mother, Madam Juliet Is His Sugar Mummy

Miracle Igbokwe
Miracle Igbokwe

A twitter user, @Truth94509608 allegedly revealed that Big Brother Naija 2018 winner Miracle’s God Mother, Madam Juliet is his sugar mummy.

Recall that while the show was still on, Miracle did mention Madam Juliet as his God Mother during his diary session with Biggie.

Here are the revealing tweets from the Twitter User;

We hope he comes forward to make a statement on this before it gets too late! Checkout this 

DONT MISS:  Everything that happened at #BBNaija Miracle's homecoming party, from Gov. Rochas' dance with Bam Bam, Nina to Tekno's performance

‘Going through labour, knowing my baby was dead, broke me’ – OAP Toolz opens up on miscarriage experience

OAP Toolz
OAP Toolz

OAP Toolz says going through labour pains knowing her baby was dead broke her.

In an interview with Genevieve Magazine, Toolz shared her miscarriage experience for the first time since it happened in 2017. .

“From the point we found out something was wrong till when the process was over was quite harrowing, but the parts that really broke me were going through the pain of labour knowing my baby was already gone,” the 35-year-old said.

“I also had a mini-break down when I had to get a death certificate so we could have a burial. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life.”

A situation where the foetus dies in the womb before it is born is called intra-uterine fetal death. In most cases, it occurs in the third trimester and the mother would have to go through labour to deliver it.

Toolz said she was bedridden in the hospital for a while. Explaining that she was, “shaken, broken, rebuilt,” Toolz said it “ultimately it strengthened my relationship with God.”

“It made me realise how delicate life is, and as much as we say ‘I will do this or that’ it is inevitably down to God’s will. “In December I wrote that everyone will go through trying times, you just have to pray for the strength to get through it. .

That’s what God gave me – strength to get through a very horrible experience.”

Describing her husband, Tunde Demuren, as an incredible source of support, Toolz said: “I actually went into labour whilst I was making his breakfast. .

I tried to finish because he is such a big foodie, but the pain was too much and I was bundled off in the ambulance. Maybe it was the gas and air or temporary insanity, but I remember asking the medics to stop so we could get some food for him. .

They thought I was mad. We can laugh about that now. I think this experience brought us closer, and also made us realise how much we love each other. He made me pray, and he didn’t give up till I had emptied my heart out.”

SOURCE: Thecable

Photos from the traditional wedding of Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, and his fiancée, Gifty Mawunya

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Here’s the first photos from the traditional wedding of Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, and his fiancée, Gifty Mawunya in Accra, Ghana!

Timi Dakolo trolls man who declared his and Waje’s careers dead for supporting Noble Igwe

Timi Dakolo trolled an Instagram user who declared his and Waje’s careers dead for supporting Noble Igwe.

‘Old men are boring because they can’t run errands’ – Funmi Iyanda

Funmi Iyanda
Funmi Iyanda

According to your favourite talk show host, journalist and blogger, Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda, better known as Funmi Iyanda!

Actress Ruth Kadiri, seeks public help to enable her understand, what’s baffling her the most

Actress Ruth Kadiri
Actress Ruth Kadiri

Nigerian actress, Ruth Kadiri, took to Instagram to seek public help to enable her understand what baffles her the most!


She shared the above photo and wrote;

‘Make me understand what am I missing???? Pls add the H’ to the chick.😀😀😀😀😀’

Actress Ruth Kadiri
Actress Ruth Kadir

IMO 2019: ‘I have a mandate of Necessity’ – Jeff Uzor

Jeff Uzor
Jeff Uzor

Intention to run for political offices are fast becoming acts of God. Many politicians declare with prophetic zeal their Godly call to contest elections. It doesn’t matter if many in the past have made the call-of-God pronouncement but never made it out of the polls with anything resembling the prophesy they publicized before hazarding the race.

No matter, many still are playing the “Devine Call” card but to what end?

I do intend to run for the office of the governor in Imo State on the platform of SDP, so do a whole lot of other people. We are all experts in various fields. While some have more money than others, some have more education.

While some have more experience than others, some are more youthful. One unique trend is the fact that, a lot of these candidates say they have “divine mandate” to run for that office. To understand their claim, let’s define the terms.

“Mandate” as a noun is defined as: an official order or commission to do something; the authority (usually given) to carry out a policy or course of action. “Divine” as an adjective is defined as; from God. Therefore, these candidates are claiming they have an order from God to do this.

I am not in a position to judge but as a good Christian, the Bible tells me that when God calls you, he gives you specific instructions. He called Abraham, he gave him specific instructions, showed him signs and led him on (Genesis chapter 12), God called Moses, showed him signs and gave him specific instructions (Exodus chapters 3 & 4).

Jeff Uzor
Jeff Uzor

Even when he called Samuel, though he failed to recognize it was the lord calling him, God kept on until Eli his master made him know and ask that the lord speak. When the lord doth speak, he gave Samuel specific instructions (1st Samuel chapter 3). According to the scripture, God do send people and he sends them to solve specific problems.

I have no doubt any of us may have been sent by God. The problems we face in Imo are so enormous and the cries of Imolites so loud for God not to heed. Where do I even start? Unemployment? Total lack of infrastructure, unpaid wages and pensions, increase in crimes and prostitution, low standard of living, low life expectancy rates? God must have hearkened to the voice of our people and decided to send a saviour. But, who is this “saviour”? What specifically did God ask him to do in Imo when he makes him the next governor?

To be of God, you should at the very least be honest. Like I said earlier, I do intend to run and I believe my instructions as far as necessity is concerned are very clear: Delete Imo state’s debt profile, Improve the quality and reach of education, awake our moribund health system, inculcate prudence and accountability and open governance into the handling of public funds, make Imo state conducive and convenient for business so as to attract foreign direct investment and aid etc.

These instructions are clear and as a way of acceptance, I pledge to pay off Imo’s debt in four years. I also pledge to improve our schools to give our children the quality education they deserve and make them competitive globally for jobs and business. I will upgrade our health institutions to help raise life expectancy and standard of living in Imo. I also pledge to make public all funds that are spent by my administration and how. During my tenure, 75% of all contracts awarded in the state must be through open competitive bidding. I don’t claim to have a divine mandate, but I won’t partake in politics of deceit. To all of you that have a “divine mandate”, what specifically has God asked you to do for Imo when you are made governor? Does it include any of the myriad problems facing Imo? Can you in all honesty declare that you have the wherewithal to answer that call and carry-out God’s instructions to the letter?

I want to challenge all of us claiming to have received our commission from God to come out publicly; to clearly enumerate the nature of their mandate so that Imolites may decide for themselves if their instruction(s) resemble their cries to God. I know people will want to group politicians as the same in that they are experts in saying one thing while doing the other, but the one thing I have working for me is my word. Can we say the same about the rest of you brandishing the name of God either justly or unjustly?

The upcoming gubernatorial race may be won with numbers and the one truly chosen by God may be short-changed by men, but God always has a reason for doing what he does. This goes without saying that the people are divine in their own right and must learn to question whatever may thwart their yearnings and aspirations with actions not inaction. They must pledge to scrutinize all the contestants vigorously; go out register, vote and protect their votes jealously; resist and desist from any and all acts that may cause God to visit them with punishment in the form of a bad leader; ask the right questions and demand very clear and concise answers; and, ensure to remain patriotic to the ideals of the founding fathers like Dee Sam who worked assiduously to design the only road map that has ever delivered anything worthwhile to the Imo people.

I cannot claim to be the only one true leader ordained by God to deliver the people of Imo to the proverbial promise land, but I can lay claim to his grace upon my life. Only his light guides me and its only with his mercy that I have elected to run for governor come 2019. There may be others also contesting this election who may be true harbingers of God’s calling, we will do well to identify them and put them through the lens of God just to be sure; if not for today’s sake, then for the future. May the almighty give us the clarity to make the right decisions come 2019.
God Bless Imo State, God Bless Nigeria.

You can follow me on twitter @JeffUzor2019

OMG! Check out this Deleted scene from Black Panther….THE NEVER WANTED US TO SEE IT!

Black Panther
We just recovered this Deleted scene featuring Okoye and W’Kabi! from Black Panther after one of the starred actors posted it on Twitter! You will be amazed
Watch the video below!

LOL! Checkout the cake a man ordered VS what he got

A twitter user took to the platform to share a photo of the cake he ordered and what he was delivered!

This should make your day!

#BBNaija: Ifuennada pictured with rapper CDQ after he called her ‘a one night stand’

Ifuennada pictured with rapper CDQ
Ifuennada pictured with rapper CDQ

In what fans are still yet to understand, seems,  Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Ifuennada has forgiven rapper, CDQ for calling her a one night stand.

Both of them are pictured here at the Singer’s party

Recall that both seemed to be in a war of some sorts after the ex #BBNaija housemate accused the Singer of using her resources & ignoring her once the fame came. CDQ in turn called her names on social media, saying she is just a a one night stand.

She wished him a happy birthday too!

Anyway looks like they both made up. Good for them!

‘Regret is long-term’ – Juliet Ibrahim literally affirms breakup rumours with cryptic Sunday post

Few days ago, Ghanaian/Nigerian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, left fans wondering whether there was trouble in paradise after she deleted all photos of her boo, Iceberg Slim on her Instagram page.

Many questions and calls were put through to her to ascertain the stand of the relationship, but the actress seems to keep the matter private!

Minutes ago, she posted a stunning photo of her and dropped a cryptic caption alongside it. She wrote;

‘Fear is short-term. 
Regret is long-term’

The pair gave fans major relationship goals by posting series of cute loved-up photos of themselves on their social media pages, some of which shows Iceberg grabbing her butt like it is his forever.

Throwback Photo of Davido’s late mum & his Uncle Sen. Ademola Adeleke at Dele Momodu’s son’s 1st birthday

Dele Momodu just shared this throwback photo of Davido’s mum and his Uncle, and B-red’s father, Sen, Ademola Adeleke at his son’s birthday celebration.

He shared the above photo and tweeted;

Fantastic throwback: DAVIDO’s late Mum MRS VERONICA IMADE ADELEKE & his Uncle SENATOR NURUDEEN ADEMOLA ADEKEKE at my son Eniafe’s 1st birthday celebration in Lagos… Biggest congrats to DAVID ADELEKE & his entire family for winning big at the HEADIES last night…

Actress Dorcas Shola-Fapson shouts ‘Ojoro’ before announcing #Wizkid winner of the Best Music Video category at the #Headies

Wait, is it just me or did, Actress Dorcas Shola-Fapson shouts “Ojoro” before announcing #Wizkid winner of the Best Music Video category at the #Headies .

Here’s the video that has just gone viral, tho the actress has addressed the issue.

‘I’ve moved on, I only kept quiet because…’ – Collins, #BBNaija Nina’s boyfriend

Collins, ex-boyfriend of Big Brother Naija finalist, Nina, has made his final decision known about Nina.
Collins, ex-boyfriend of Big Brother Naija finalist, Nina, has made his final decision known about Nina.

Collins, ex-boyfriend of Big Brother Naija finalist, Nina, has made his final decision known about Nina.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the Imo state university student, He said,

“I really don’t want to comment on this issue. I have moved on with my life and that’s all that matters.”

When pressed for further comments, he stressed,

“I don’t want it to seem like I’m seeking for cheap publicity and I don’t want the issue to drag unnecessarily. That’s why I haven’t said anything.”

Recall that, Nina had said during an interview,

Collins, ex-boyfriend of Big Brother Naija finalist, Nina, has made his final decision known about Nina.
Collins, ex-boyfriend of Big Brother Naija finalist, Nina, has made his final decision known about Nina.

“Me and Miracle had sex several times, yes. But it was just us being human. Me and Miracle have feelings for each other. We cannot hide; we don’t pretend. That was just living our lives in the Big Brother House.”

In another interview, when she was asked if she had been to see her boyfriend whom she was dating before she went into the house, she said, “I don’t think I want to do that. I don’t want any negative vibes around me right me.”

Tontoh Dike, Juliet Ibrahim, Nina, Igwe 2pac, Josh2funny, others storm Imo for Mr and Miss Unique Nigeria 2018

Mr and Mrs Unique Nigeria
Mr and Mrs Unique Nigeria

Mr and Miss Unique Nigeria 2018

Tontoh Dike, Juliet Ibrahim, Nina, Igwe 2pac, Josh2funny, Somadina, Dan Dizzy, Da Saint, etc.. will be among the celebrities to grace the 2018 edition of Mr and Miss Unique Nigeria and its AFRICAN OUTSTANDING ICONS AWARD.

Last year’s edition saw the winner go home with,

*WITH 500,000
*With 50,000 wardrobe allowance Every 3months.

From the stables of, St. Blaze Entertainment, Mr and Miss Unique is an annual pageantry where ‘Beauty meets Brains’ as one of the criteria you need to win is to have something heavy up there!

Date is 15th June, Venue is Owerri hotel Plaza, along PH road Owerri, Imo state.

Other details you need are in the artwork below…

Mr and Mrs Unique Nigeria
Mr and Mrs Unique Nigeria
Happening on that day too is the African Outstanding Icon awards, were the above mentioned celebrities will be receiving awards!
For sponsorship and Enquiries call 08065106868

(Audio + Official Video) Meks Winsome – Beautiful (Prod. by Newman beat)

Meks Winsome – Beautiful

Imo State award winning singer and song writer, Meks winsome is really not taking a break with serving us good and melodious jams!

Just months after he broke the internet with an inspirational song dubbed ‘Lifted‘, the Ihitte Uboma born comes up again with a new song titled ‘Beautiful’.

Meks drops the song alongside its visual, something to keep fans on their feets as this will be the hit they have been waiting for!

Follow him up on Twitter and Instagram

Download ‘beautiful’ below, watch and download its video too!

Download Audio

Watch the video below as directed by Keny Basil!!


Everything that happened at #BBNaija Miracle’s homecoming party, from Gov. Rochas’ dance with Bam Bam, Nina to Tekno’s performance

So yesterday, 3rd of May 2018, Big Brother Naija winner, Miracle Igbokwe was hosted at his state, Imo, by the state government.
So yesterday, 3rd of May 2018, Big Brother Naija winner, Miracle Igbokwe was hosted at his state, Imo, by the state government.

So yesterday, 3rd of May 2018, Big Brother Naija winner, Miracle Igbokwe was hosted at his state, Imo, by the state government.

The 23-yr-old who hails from Umuoba Uratta in Owerri North LGA, of Imo State was  conferred with Imo State Education Award by the Governor and government of Imo State, a plot of land from any place of his choice in Imo and a whooping sum of N2million Naira was also given to him.

While Nina, his cupid counterpart got the same sum, with the state governor adding that it was okay for her since she was already receiving the free education program.

Recall that the state governor, Rochas Okorocha already made Miracle Ambassador for Education which set social media in a frenzy, as they are yet to understand what role BBNaija or Miracle had on Education.

Miracle Igbokwe arrived along side former housemates; Nina, BamBam, Teddy A.

Here are all the dramas, ‘must-see’ scenes, videos and pictures from the homecoming event at the Imo international convention center, Owerri!

Nina’s attire to the After Party of the homecoming by 10pm at the Hive opposite Megaband FM in Owerri after IMSU!

Some Videos

Viral video of IMSU girls reactions when Miracle and Nina walked into the Homecoming Venue in Imo

Miracle’s viral Speech

Click here to watch Miracle’s arrival!

Miracle’s speech

Nigerian Prisons Service recruitment out! Apply and register for Nigerian prison service recruitment

Nigerian Prisons Service
Nigerian Prisons Service

It may interest you to know that The Nigerian Prisons Service has commenced their yearly recruitment of Nigerians for full time appointments to fill existing vacancies.

A post on the Nigerian Prisons Service website says the recruitment exercise will start from April 30 and end on June 11.

Log in here to register


New Music: BCat – Kanayo (Prod. D.Piano)

BCat – Kanayo
BCat – Kanayo

BCat – Kanayo

BCat is making a strong come back into the music game after going underground for some time. This time he releases a mid-tempo rap song with a very easy-to-flow chorus. The song was produced by D.Piano.

‘Just Laff Kingdom Groove’ – Broda Bossman brings Owerri to a halt on May 1st

Broda Bossman
Broda Bossman

Multiple-Award winning reggae musician MC and Comedian, Bossman (Da God MC) hits us with another edition of his May 1st ‘laughter meet music’ festival.

The highly anticipated event tagged ‘Kingdom Groove 2018’ from his Just Laff team will hit us just like it does on every May 1st, but this year’s own will have a different touch of groove as the event will be graced by notables entertainers!

The likes of Deacon Chike Okafor, Preye, Bobby TriGGZ, Eutchy, MC Chucky, Temmie, I-Zeo, Annie, Last Prophet, Son of Man, De Believers, Sax Priest, and a host of other notable stars!


Broda Bossman
Broda Bossman

Broda Bossman wrote on Facebook;

I want to officially invite my friends, family, fans and you to this year’s edition of JUST LAFF KINGDOM GROOVE. It is the mother of all Kingdom entertainment. I will also premiere the musical video of my single amidst heavy Kingdom atmosphere…. No insult to Men of God, Church or Jesus Christ. Pure ethical jokes, Epic drama, Kingdom dance and music. I appreciate all my sponsors. May you never lack any good thing. Read the poster info carefully. Please feel free to send me a direct message if you want to support this worthy course… More sponsors are wanted. Iam DaGod MC

DATE: Tuesday, May, 1st
TIME: 3pm Prompt
VENUE: Art Noveau Event Center, PHC Road, Owerri, Imo State

For Sponsorship and Enquiries – 08060236497

Nigerians owe me an apology for misinterpreting my article “Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reason Why I Got Married” – Kisha

Queen of Controversy and CEO of WWW.AMIBOISLAND.COM Kisha has reacted to the reports that she shaded Popular Blogger, Linda Ikeji Over Her Marital Status As Fallacy.

She went further to state that the opposite was the Case and she expects an apology from Nigerians. Read her post below…

I think we are in that era where you alone can decipher whatever piece u put out there else, you will be misinterpreted.

In Our Society today, people tend to have this reaction they give to Women who had Attained Some heights in the Society but still not married!

The previous week marked alot of events in my life. From My Birthday, To My Blog’s 5Yrs Anniversary and also, My Marital status was one, though choosing that occasion to appreciate someone i hold dear, had generated a lot of reactions but do i care? No but when it has to do with her, i do.

The post which read; Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reason Why I Got Married – 23Yrs Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha
Imo Born blogger and CEO of WWW.AMIBOISLAND.COM Kisha took to her social media handle to share a Seemly encrypted Message on the reason behind her rush into marriage especially when it seemed that her brand was on the Apex of Fame.

Ahead of her Blog’s 5yrs Anniversary, She also went further in revealing how what she tagged Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments influenced her decision to get married…Read below;

“Love is a very beautiful thing. Some say it can only be felt but I doubt it”.

When you are caught up, You are caught up. You See it happening to you yet you can’t help it!

You climb the highest mountains and still ask if it would hurt when you fall from there? Lol…Yes That is a Perfect Example of what it does to people!!!

Saw My Name in the Stars! Thence, I could Read The Future & What I Holds Perhaps.

Oh, Sands Of Time! Enough With the parables but I could at least reflect while I reminisce!!!

I was the issue of the Moment, i was Likened Like One fellow, thence some said I followed her footsteps but I knew I could change the story line, “SINCERELY, I DIDN’T WANT TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS MY ROLE MODEL HENCE THE HASTE”


Am grateful to everyone that has supported this journey of a young dreamer. AMIBO ISLAND WILL BE 5YEARS OLD BY 20. It doesn’t stop here….We will keep pushing.

Reacting to the Term ‘Predicaments’; Have You ever Imagined Someone Showing Up On Your Page To Abuse The Hell Out Of You, How Will You React? Badly right? Exactly but in her case Some even go to the length of coming to her Blog to abuse her. Many a time, I’ve stumbled on slandering comments like “Linda Stop posting someone else’s husband o, Linda this, Linda that and many More unprintable Words”; To Me, That’s unacceptable hence, I ensured that i avoided it completely.

“Using those instances above, None would want such ordeal I presumed hence, I Used her as a reference to call for a societal sanitation to such Myopic, Injudicious and Narrow Minded Views our people have on Successful Women Just Because of their Marital Status but unfortunately, I was Misconstrued”.

If been married is Achievement, why then do I still work even twice as hard as I used to? Most Media Platforms even presumed I Am A Rival…Lol. Linda Is Someone I Look Up to. I’ve Spent My Entire Life Defending. I even Pray for her So How Then Will I cajole her? This is absurd!!!

Wake Up World People, You All Misconstrued it completely. I See No Competition and if At Any Point One comes, “Always Remember That Before We Became Colleagues, We Were Already Sisters and Who knows, she might be the Sister I never had”

Banger Alert! Raz B ft. Xbusta – Get Am (Prod by No stain)

Raz B ft. Xbusta – Get Am
Raz B ft. Xbusta – Get Am

Raz B ft. Xbusta – Get Am

This beautiful jam ‘Get Am’ from Raz B ticks all the rights boxes and should be comfortably sitting on the charts soon!

The Make Money (Owu Agba La Gala) crooner employs the talented craftsmanship of former Five Star Music act, Xbusta on this one to make it a hit!

Listen Below!

Raz B ft. Xbusta – Get Am
Raz B ft. Xbusta – Get Am


New Music: G-teck – “Steady” ft. Selebobo (Prod. By Benjamz)

G-teck – “Steady” ft. Selebobo
G-teck – “Steady” ft. Selebobo

G-teck – “Steady” ft. Selebobo

Real Kings Entertainment’s front liners, the Dynamic duo Zicky and Sparkinz popularly known by the name “G-teck” links up with Made Men Music’s act “Selebobo” to dish out this afro beats tune titled “Steady“.

“Steady” by G-teck is their first official single for the year.

The song was Produced by “Benjamz” Mixed and Mastered by “Mixx Monsta” Trust me they definitely did justice to the track.



‘God banned my friend’s wife from heaven for failing to pay tithe’ – RCCG Pastor claims (Video)

A Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor, Mike Nwanegbo has courted controversy while defending the general overseer, Pastor Enoch A Adeboye who said anyone who doesn’t pay tithe wouldn’t enter heaven.

Nwanegbo however left tongues wagging after he claimed that his friend’s wife was in a vision where she was barred from entering heaven because she wasn’t a tither.

In a 7 minute video which was shared on Youtube, the RCCG pastor condemned the people that fail to pay their tithe. He also criticised unconventional and controversial pastor Sunday Adelaja for faulting Adeboye’s “tithe for heaven” conclusion.

The video which has gone viral on social media, sparked outrage from users who blasted the pastor for making such a claim which many found controversially. 

Many questioned him asking him to bring proof from the Bible that anyone who doesn’t tithe will not enter the kingdom of God.

Watch video below:

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