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‘Buying Bentley or a Plane won’t change the fact that “your son is a bast*rd’ – Kisha comes for Linda Ikeji

Kisha, Linda Ikeji

Award-winnig controversial writer and Model, Chizzy Treasure Henry, popularly known as Kisha has once again called out popularly Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji and this time she has her focus somewhere else.

Recall, few months back, Kisha called out Linda after she revealed that Linda Ikeji’s predicaments were the reason she got married.

In a new Facebook post which is currently garning smokes, She wrote;

‘Let’s revisit some issues the #Blunt way.

To My Dearest Linda Ikeji, Buying A Bentley or An Aeroplane Won’t Change The Fact That “Your Son Is A Bastard” 

Sometime in April this year, i dropped article titled: LINDA IKEJI’S PREDICAMENTS WERE THE REASONS WHY I GOT MARRIED; which literally Societal mode of viewing Established Ladies just because of their “Marital Status” using Linda and the Pressure imposed on her to Marry As a reference but unfortunately i was misconstrued considering the Negative vibe and depression associated to it. Now look at d Result.

Linda Ikeji like we all know has always been a stellar example of sedulous Lady with her wealth as reference. Lots of our young girls looked up to her to lead a modest life as well especially when she never mince words when describing ladies who had kid(s) out of wedlock in her sensational writings referring to them as After One, Baby mama, Serial Lover, etc. Ensuring she categorically slut-shamed them with derogatory names forgetting the igbo adage that says “Echi di ime” which simply means ‘No One knows Tomorrow’.

Kisha, Linda Ikeji

Nigerians excepted a positive deviation from what was hitherto the norm but lo and beyond, Our Very own Linda Ikeji repeated the Proverbial “Ewu nda tara Okro nda” (Grandma’s Livestock ate Grandma’s highly revered farm produce, okro)..lol.

Linda irrespective of her preachings on celibacy till marriage, went behind closed doors grinding and eating ‘Rods & Irons of the strongest forms she could lay her hands on but hey, just as nature can’t be cheated irrespective of how many years it went on, fast forward to 9months we beheld the marvelous proceed; “A Bastard!!! While i write, i Imagine coming across a headline or a descriptive statement like: Check out these photos of Linda Ikeji, The Latest BabyMama in Town or Something like Meet Linda Ikeji The BabyMama of A Serial BabyDaddy…. Hahaha. Now my Question is this; Now that you’re in that shoe, how does it feel being addressed in such a demeaning terms just because of a few moments of weakness???? 

As offensive as the Word “Bastard” sounds, it is most appropriate to refer to Linda’s Child as one especially when all Dictionary & Wikipedia’s categorical description of an
Illegitimate child, a child born to unmarried parents whether Engaged but not married, Co-parenting, Elective Co-parenting, Co-habiting or whatsoever terminology the world decides to call such child in order to bias, distort or Slant the truth from the reality to fit one’s self, Culturally, Religiously and otherwise, such child will still be acknowledged as a Capital Lettered “BASTARD”.

As much as i do not wish to lend a voice on this, I’m being pressured by the hypocrisy that has embraced her case maybe Just because “IT IS LINDA IKEJI” forgetting if it was some other, heaven would have let loosed on the fellow with headlines like: Kisha Reportedly Pregnant, Baby’s daddy yet unknown; Popular Blogger Kisha Shamelessly Engage Herself; Kisha’s Alleged Baby Daddy Denies Bla Bla Bla…..hahaha! 

As funny as this sounds, how do i describe Linda Ikeji’s Situation? You’ve been telling people not to do this now you did same and you feel you owe no one an apology? Still cool. You didn’t stop at that, You claimed you didn’t just get preggy, with the claims on wanting & having it all, you shushed those that took sides with you including the Area Father Charlie Boy who took side with you in order to spare you the shame. Instead stead of adjusting to reality, you embraced self-deceit.

Dear ‘Haunty’ Linda, How does it feel being engaged to one’s self? How does it feel being publicly rejected and described as desperate by someone as close to you as your alleged Baby Daddy to the extent that you refused to carry your very own story???????? Lmao…

As much as am anxious to hear your response, i also advice you to embrace reality. Having A child is not a crime so your flaunting spree wasn’t necessary at all or could it be to prove a point?

Anyway, whichever point you wished to prove, please do not let your lust drown you. “A Child Is A Beautiful Gift” so before you decide to throw any stone, please remember the man that lives in a glass house & the reason why he does not throw stones. My dearest Queen of BabyMamas, Linda NwaIkeji remember Baby J.’

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