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10 Things You Can Relate To If You’ve Enter Entered A Keke Napep In Lagos

Keke napep
Picture of a toyota keke napep

Keke Napep is one of the means of public transport in Nigeria.

For those who don’t know, Keke means tricycle and it is one of the numerous means Lagosians use in getting around. Using kekes can be sweet or sour depending on the situation. Here are some things you’d definitely be able to relate to if you’ve been in a keke.

1. When the trip costs 50 Naira and you have a 1000 naira note

The driver will never have change.

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2. When you have to wait forever for the Keke to get full

Image: Pinterest


3. When you’re squashed in between two fat people

Image: CNN


4. And a passenger has body odour

You have to stylishly cover your nose.

Image: Online Coloring Book


5. When you’re the last person and you have to sit in front

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6. And you almost fall while the Keke is in motion

Image: PopCornHorror


7. When the driver is reckless

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8. How all the passengers are when the Keke hits a Jeep

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9. But you know the Keke napep will take you to your destination on time

Image: YouTube


10. When the trip ends and the driver says he does not have change

Image: ESPN

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