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‘Why we excluded Xbusta, Acharaman, others from Otownloaded’s top 20 hottest Imo musicians list’ – Drift King

Xbusta, Acharaman, others from Otownloaded's
Xbusta, Acharaman, others from Otownloaded's

Contrary to what many might think or assume could be the reason why some popular Imo music stars were excluded from the ‘Now viral’ list of Top 20 hottest Imo state musicians as compiled by Otownloaded, Here’s why your favourite musicians made a miss on the list.

Xbusta, Acharaman, others from Otownloaded's
Xbusta, Acharaman, others from Otownloaded’s

Since the list dropped, a lot of controversies has been trailing it, with many putting calls, texts and emails to Otownloaded lambasting and criticizing the list, some even went ahead to drag bloggers who were supporters of the list, time to address such issues.

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We skipped the likes of Acharaman, LMG, DTwins, 2Blac, DPaksy amongst others for reasons ranging from inconsistency and quality of songs.

Acharaman has never dropped a single in a longtime, but made a fair comeback this year, just close to the time of the rating, reason he made a miss on the list.

Same thing with Lmg who can never lose his place as one of the best rappers IMO state will ever produce but his absence from the music scene for a long time puts him off.

Guys like MCot, Ugames, 2Blac, Dtwinz and others who have been in the scene can be counted as legends, but there’s a whole new generation out there now and everyone has to catch up with the future and not hold unto history.

The industry has changed, the style of music has evolved!

Some of the names we excluded have not been in the scene for a while and you don’t expect to come back and knock everyone off.

We have a younger generation and new minds, people debuting new, unique and better style of music.

Tell us why we shouldn’t choose someone who gets the audience on their feets over someone who hasn’t moved the front-row at an event.

Imo bloggers President, Hardy said and I quote;

“They should work harder, be consistent and maybe do something spectacular to knock these young lads off. Change is allowed and if we can have young ones doing it better, then it is allowed”

Why Xbusta was excluded from the list.

We also got comments from the public asking why we excluded Xbusta from the list.

It would interest you to know that we made a list of the Hottest Musicians IN Imo not FROM Imo.

We are talking about Imo based musicians who have impressed us all year and not those based outside the state.

Xbusta is signed to a Lagos label, if we ever make a list of Top musicians from Imo state, we would not hesitate making him the number one.. as he does it like no other.

Now you know why your favourite acts made a miss! Consistency and quality of songs is key!

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