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Feel Cozy: Here’s why Ladies love Songstar, Cozzicole like their eye pencil

Cozzicole - Feel Cozy

Hello, permit me the singular privilege to introduce you to the rave of the moment, the fine boy with the melodious voice and a full packaged musician to watch out for, he goes by the name ‘Cozzicole’.

When you listen to his sound, you might think Omah Lay, Oxlade or WandeCoal has released another song but you’ll surely code the difference. This guy is hotter than fire no wonder the ladies adore him. No wonder he has about 20k followers on Instagram (cozzicole )

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Here’s something that’ll excite you, because of the way he has been receiving love from fans and friends, Cozzicole just dropped an E.P branded ‘Feel Cozy’. You already know it’s gonna be a project of the year because I don’t hype or Stan nonsense. Cozzicole Njoku is coming, get ready to feel him, Support this talent.

To cop the E.P visit here ‘GET THE ‘FEEL COZY E.P’

Njoku Anthony C, professionally known as Cozzicole, is a Nigerian singer/song writer. His genre of music is that of Afro beat, Afro pop, ALTE sounds and R&B. Cozzicole have also dropped recent songs and made some collabos.

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His recent songs includes Ego, Vanessa, Woman and Yeah&Nay
Recently in the music word a lot of fans are saying he has the same sound with likes of Omah-lay and Oxlade, but how true is that ? ….you can find out yourself. His E.P “Feel Cozy” is one of it’s kind that will make you believe that Cozzicole is the new big thing in the music industry.

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Cozzicole - Feel Cozy

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