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Five magic words Every Human Being Should Know

5 magic words

Good day.
Just as the title Certifies , There are Five Magic words Every human being should know ,Be not confused with the word Magic , With magic In it some peeps will be thinking of Words like “Abracadabra” , “Depay odotha arisam quicum” , etc.
Magic according To the English Dictionary is of supernatural cause.Magic as used in this article, Is whatever or Anything that helps make things easier.

This magic words when not said when the are needed has lead to many Deaths,Hatred,unending Quarrels,Disputes, etc.

This words have saved a lot of people, This words bring about peaceful co-existence between two people, it Shows politeness ,Humility, and what have you.
Without Beating around the bush, lets get started and know why its magic and why every human being should know it.

The First Magic Word Is


A magic word to use when in need of something from someone
A magic word which shows and depicts a humble person in a quest for something.
just as at the mention of the name jesus every knee shall bow, At the prefix of this magic word in front of a request every heart will melt.

Some people have been rejected  access to something or someone just because this magic word wasn’t used,
Life would have been a bit easier if everyone was to learn how to use this word.
The rate of rejection would be reduced if this word was used in Request cases.

rarely will you find someone who rejected a request from someone who used the word “please”.
its a magic word in the sense that it clears the mind of the giver, who would have looked you down in pity.
Every Human being should learn how to use this word ,When to use it and when not to abuse it ( Eg “Please Naa).



wow, another heavy magic Word.

This word brings about peaceful and humble co-existence between you and any other person out in a public.
Not like we all don’t know when to use this word, its just that some people decided to forget using it , maybe because the don’t see its essence since where the are being excused to is a place the are meant to be and a right to them. NO.

This magic word brings out the decency in a guy/lady, Its More polite than using “Please can you excuse me” or “please can you make way let me…..” .

Using it makes you sound more matured and learned.  it works like magic.

Not using this word at a time you are meant to or using the harsher version of it. could bring about conflict, troubles and disputes.

Every human being need to use this word when it is needed. lets reduce Disputes and Troubling situations.


And she is the mother of them all. a magic word which can be used in all situation, Melts the heart of an aggressive opponent, saves 34% of people from harm, showcases humility ,Maturity. and solves most problems.

When you wrong someone, This word helps you revive that.
even if you were not the one at fault , by saying it “You are sorry” it depicts the mind of a peaceful individual.

With its magic it
Ends Quarrels,
Settle Disputes
shows humility
And above all clears all you wrongs and when the other person who isin’t okay with this magic words offends you after you have said it,  he/she is at fault and if in public it happened, people will not take it likely with him.

We should cultivate the habit of saying sorry when we are on the offending side,even when we are not, we should say it too just to end disputes. Its a magic word that works.

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4) Thank You

Let assume you requested something with the first magic word “Please” you can also add another magic to this already approved magic by using this magic word “thank you
By using this word , you may not need to use the magic word “please” again.

This makes the magic word receiver want to even give you more than what you asked.

Always use this word to show that you are appreciative.
That you value what you have been given.
this leaves you and the person parting away happy

Every human being should learn to be appreciative , even if its a little , and yes this word will help you bypass that.



The last but not the least on our list.
pardon me” when you are on the offending angle , and you are being remorseful , this magic word can help curb your situation. a magic word you use to give someone a true access to forgiving you.
it always works with the Magic word “Please” , words like “Please pardon me“.

every human being should use this word to show remorse and since “Please forgive me” seems hard to say for some people, then this magic word comes in and help, smush like superman.

So as you can see, this 5 words are magical in the sense that the Help curb troubling situations , help prevent conflicts, The make certain issues easier.
Every living being should cultivate the altitude of always using this words when necessary so as to build a peaceful existence and help reduce 78% of various troubles. failure to use this words have brought about useless fights which would have been solved if this words were being used.

” Please , excuse me am sorry, just pardon me, thank you”
Bang , And You Are Good to go.

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