Home Comedy angle “Functions Of Blood” – Check This Epic Comment out (Snapshots)

“Functions Of Blood” – Check This Epic Comment out (Snapshots)

funtions of blood

So I tried To Play Funny By Throwing A funny Questions To My Facebook Friends. By Asking Them

“Assuming You Were Writing The Word Fuck On the board and the teacher finds you when you have just written the word ‘FU”
What will you write to confuse the Teacher ?”

And Then Comments Starts Coming Up , Comments Like FUFU , Full, Etc.

And Then One Nasty Dude Who Was born Smart I guess , Said “Functions Of Blood” . Uncle david, really? Lol

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Check Out Other Funny Comments In The Screenshots Below

funny snapshotmore

funnyAnd our sweet little sister said she would,



Functions of blood, seriously.
lol, That got our ribs Cracking.

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