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Funny pictures, jokes & Tweets to spice up your day


Funny pictures & Tweets to spice up your boring day.
Get a spare rib first.

A girl missed her period 2 months ago,
her mom took her to the clinic for
pregnancy test of which it was positive.
Embarrased, her mom said; who is the pig
that got you pregnant? The girl picked up
her phone and made a call, an hour later,
a young handsome man drove in Ferrari to
the girl’s house.
Good evening, the man
greeted. Your daughter told me the
problem in the house. I can’t marry for
now because of my family issue, but I
promise I will take care of her for the rest
of her life, and if she gives birth to a girl,
I promised to buy her a mansion, 2 jeeps
and 1 million dollars. If it’s a boy, I’ll buy
her houses in a countryside, 5 jeeps, 2 big
factories and 5million dollars in her
account……. If it’s twins, I’ll do anything she
asked. But if there’s miscarriage, what do
you suggest i do?
The girls father silently
pat the young man on his shoulder and
said; my son, if there is miscarriage, you’ll
sleep with her again…….Please Dont forget to SHARE

Credits: Krakstv

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