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GMG Music Launches With D Baba, Witmoral, DJ Flex Baba


Record label GMG Music has officially kicked off operation with D Baba, DJ Flex Baba, and Witmoral on their book.

The label, Good Music Gang which has been in existence for about 7 years, is making things official and launching as a registered business entity in Nigeria, according to the label Manager, Mr. Emeka Ekwwuruke.

Emeka said the label like others have come to do business in the entertainment industry, but most importantly, have come to identify, develop and harness some amazing talents scattered across the country.

“We have our unique vision as a label and we have kicked that off with the kind of talents we are starting with. We have ‘D Baba’ and amazingly outstanding artiste, DJ Flex Baba and then Witmoral as our official producer”

“One thing special about everyone in the team is that they can multitask, so don’t be surprised when you see that happening”, he said.


He revealed that having been registered, the label is now working towards her first project in 2020, which should be a song by ‘D Baba’ and hopefully getting other talents into their books.

# We’re packed with decades of experience

The label is packed with experienced individuals who not only have a good number of years of experience but have done well in the music industry and other areas of entertainment.

Destiny Ikenna Precious Ezenwa aka ‘D Baba’ is a prolific singer with a couple of good songs on his name; Ibe Prince Collins aka DJ Flex Baba is a professional radio and event Disk Jockey with years of experience in the entertainment industry, while Kenneth Ebuka Uzonwanne aka Witmoral who is a producer cum singer has been involved in some great song since he joined the industry.


# We Have A Strategy – D Baba

Speaking to www.otowngist.com, ‘D Baba’ said he is grateful for what they have achieved in the past, but most importantly for the fact that they have made things official and will be ready to compete in the industry.

“We’ll now find our space in the sky; we’ll now do our thing, make our own hits and build our own empire”

“One special strategy we’ll be using is a collaboration with everyone who have something to offer our brand as we move forward”

He admitted that the music business takes a whole lot and keeps changing, adding that he believes that they have assembled the best team to handle every part of the business and is sure that they have what it takes to make it to the top.

“Talents and personnel are everything, but in this dynamic industry, you’ll just never know, so we’ll collaborate where necessary and recruit whosoever that can get us there, if that is what it takes”


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