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How to Get Your Google Adsense Account Approved Faster In 2017

Google adsense
Google adsense

Google AdSense Account Approval Process 2017

The Dream of every blogger is to make money from their blog, when it comes to Ads only one Name comes in Our Mind, Google Adsense.

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Google adsense helps Bloggers and Vloggers Earn from their blogs, though it has not been easy getting Approved by Google adsense due to their, strict Guidelines,etc.

Here is a Step by Step Guideline on How to get Google adsense account approval in 2017.

  • Go to the AdSense website (AdSense.com). Mention all basic information like Name, blog URL, address, bank account details and passwords. It’s safer to provide your present Address with updated area code as the Google payments sometimes are delivered through cheques too.
  • Once your profile is completely updated, login to the Google AdSense account, create your AdSense code and place those AdSense code to your sidebars. Remember, Google AdSense will be placing ads on your blog once you update the sidebars with those codes.
  • Google has a policy to place relevant ads as per Blog category. Therefore, the appearing ads will be similar to that of your content ben place din the blog. For example, if you have a food blog, the most relevant ads that will be appearing will be of restaurants, spices and any packaged food products.
  • Blank ads will be shown for 48 hours to a week to get approval.  Meanwhile google AdSense administration will be monitoring your blog and reviewing your application. Once you get an approval on your email, proper ads will be start popping up.
  • Once your account has been approved, a final confirmation email will be sent by Google AdSense on your email address.
  • Once your AdSense earning reaches $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your address.
  • Now all the hectic work is over; it’s time to roll your sleeves; Login to your AdSense account and enter your pin that you have received in your email.
  • Congratulations! So the wait is finally over; now is the time to pen down your thoughts and start adding meat to your ATM. Once your account reaches $100, you can get your payments withdrawn trough wire or direct bank transfer.


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