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Got any business, goods or services? Good news, get ‘Jetified’ and advertise them for free


If you got a business that need a little promo and maybe you got no cash to push it online, someone just became a saviour!

Jety’s blog just introduced ‘Jetified’… A program that gets you a free slot to advertise your products/Business.

Here’s the post from Jety;

‘We are glad to formally inform you all our fans that Jetysblog is no longer a blogspot but a proper website as we promised few weeks ago.

Growing up, have always love writing and most of my writings got people educated and entertained but it wasn’t able to reach much crowd till such media came into existence. Now I can write and thousands of people will get entertained but I still have a problem with that…. Only those allowed to see it will, but I wanted more and apart from writing to educate, inform and entertain which is the main reason why I started blogging, I also realised that we have gone digital and so is our businesses..

Most businesses doesn’t need an office to sell but they need a platform(social media) to sell their goods and services and in that way, thousands of people will get to know them and that’s why I decided to introduce “JETIFIED”.

JETIFIED is just my little way of encouraging business owners, entrepreneurs who really know what they are doing but haven’t been heard. I know how it feels when you try to help yourself financially with a business and yet you ain’t being patronized because the right customers don’t know about you.


That is why am giving out 1 month free online promo to young/vibrant businesses out there.. You just have to follow the steps below:
1. Make sure your business has an official social media platforms. That’s a major step.

2. Make a minute video of yourself telling us about your business and the kind of customers you need.

3. Follow and Tag @jetyblog @goldtechevents @otowngist @kraftweez @groundedpromotions on both Instagram and twitter

4. Get people to like your video(optional)

P.S. We will randomly pick which business to promote every day and it’s a day free promo on 3 different websites.

Let’s help you push your business..
Jety cares. Do have a nice day’


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