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From her lover, to her bridesmaid – my journey through love (Episode 1)

Summary: I fell in love with Daisy back then in secondary school, we both were in the Drama club and the school choir. She was loved and admired by all, because she was Intelligent , beautiful, courageous, and outspoken – everything anyone could want in a lover. She Once told me she wanted to be an OAP or radio Presenter after she has completed her degree on Mass Communication, and because of this i changed My idea of studying Nursing to Mass communication. I just wanted to be the perfect one for her, whenever she smiled, i did. her mood changes mine,  i never made any move till we left school because it was not the right thing. Fast forward to university, I finally got her attention – and we had something going on, Then something happened,  Daisy Changed. – – My name is Jennifer, Hear My Story. (18+)


From her lover, to her bridesmaid – my journey through love (Episode 1)

“Hey, whats up, i have been knocking on the door for the past 10 minutes, why didn’t you open up? – Daisy asked.
“Sorry i had my headphones on, whats up how school today – i asked.
DAISY: well it was Fun, especially the Music tutorials from Dr peter.
JENNIFER: wow you mean that man was in school today?
DAISY: dey there naa, babe you miss oo
JENNIFER: honey, you already know my situation nah, i no dey ever miss school.
DAISY: abeg wetin dey house?
JENNIFER: that beans still dey.
DAISY: babe no try am, no tell me say nah that last night beans wey i use sleepy sleepy eye cook you dey yan about so.
JENNIFER: obim, i no get strength to cook at all, and i never expected you home so early.
DAISY: *Walks out in Anger*
JENNIFER: *goes after her* *Holds her waist*, Am sorry love, you know i missed you when you were away.
DAISY: *Removes her hand* , If you missed me as you claim, you should have prepared food for me. *Keeps Her phone* *Goes into the bathroom*

While in the bathroom, Jennifer leaned against the bathroom door apologizing to daisy, promising her a lot of things,

JENNIFER: babe stop this stuff nah, because of food you want to bring malice between us, OK you know what, i promise to give it to you hot tonight on bed – this will be the best you have witnessed. daisy, are you there? Daisy, obim. Ok oya tell me, how do you want it tonight?.
DAISY: *Laughs*, it not the first time you,Ve said it, and nothing has changed. lol, please pass me the towel on the blue box.
JENNIFER: no need am coming inside the bathroom too, to take my bath with you.
DAISY: don’t try it, i don’t want your trouble.
JENNIFER: come and stop me.
DAISY: *Locks door*
JENNIFER:ok come and clean your body nah.

*There is a knock on the door*

JENNIFER: Yes who is there?
DAMIAN: its damian.
JENNIFER: sorry, you are in the wrong room?
DAMIAN: i Don’t think so, i was told downstairs that daisy lives on Room 26, and i guess there are no two 26, sorry who am i talking with?
JENNIFER: my name doesn’t matter, there is no daisy in this room
DAISY: *hears her name* , jenny who is that?
JENNIFER: nobody honey, just the landlord.
DAISY: Jenny, what are you saying, the landlord is not in the country.
JENNIFER: Sorry i meant the caretaker.
DAMIAN: Hello Daisy, is that you?
JENNIFER: can you leave here right now, are you deaf? there is no daisy here.
DAISY: *still confused, steps out naked with water dripping all over*, what is going on?
JENNIFER: nothing, just some……..
DAISY: *hears a voice*,  Damian, is that you?
DAMIAN: yes, what is going on here, who is there with you?
DAISY: Omg, Nobody Just my Cousin Jennifer.
JENNIFER: excuse me?
DAISY: my love i will explain later.

Heartbroken Jennifer is seen transfixed and misty, someone would know she was about to cry, her heart bled. *as daisy opens the door for damian* , Jennifer grabbed a………….and…………….., and a pool of blood flowed, Lots of shouting was heard………and then……

Watch out for. From her lover, to her bridesmaid – my journey through love (Episode 2) – who was Damian? who was left in his/pool of blood? what happened after?.

Writers Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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