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How Designers Are Taking Face-Mask Printing A Notch Higher


With no sign of COVID-19 dusts settling soon, Indonesian and Malaysian designers are taking their skills in face-mask designing a notch higher.

Customers are ordering designs with their own faces printed on reusable neoprene material, some with smiling faces, or big red lips.

A 46-year-old Heni Kusmijati has one such mask made for him.

“When people see us, they seem to be wondering why we are smiling and laughing,” he said.

According to Reuters, a print shop in Jakarta added masks to it’s list of services after the pandemic took a toll on its sales.

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Customers place the orders online along with their photos of their faces.

Face mask designs
A vendor sells face design masks at a traditional market to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Jakarta, Indonesia June 23, 2020. [Photo: Reuters]

“At the beginning, we were skeptical,” the shop owner said of making masks. “But later, the demand surged, and it helps us to recover the business loss.”

A single mask takes just about half an hour to produce. Each piece costs and estimate of USD 3.50.

There are many similar ideas in South East Asia.

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For instance, a special effects artist in the Philippines makes horror masks.

A Thai single mother on the other hand designs face shields with cartoon and movie characters prints.

Batik designs are common in Malaysia even though wearing masks isn’t mandatory in the country. But business establishments requires that one does so.

Some designers make them using soft cotton materials decorated in dye, wax and other ancient accessories. The product includes optional pockets for adding filters. OMGVOice.

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