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What is icharity? How to join and earn 37000 in just one week

What is Icharity? Club
Icharity Club

What is Icharity?

iCharity in an investment platform (member to member donation), To register, You donate 7,400 to your upliner(Usually The Person Who referrred you) and become a Grade 1 Member in the system. the system will then find 5 Free Members and they in turn donate(7,400 each) to you, that is how you earn money when you are a member of iCharity, You don’t have to sell any product to anybody or do any form of networking or telling people about it, you simply earn.

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Starting from Grade One where you earn ₦37,000 to Grade Two where you earn ₦370,000 and Grade Three where you earn ₦3,700,000. You register as a free member then upgrade to a grade one member and receive the same amount donated 5 times. The same happens when you reach other grades in the system.

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 Look at this illustration, every member is expected to have 5 downlines (new members) under them;

  • Grade 1: – Donate $20 (₦7,400) to become a Grade 1 Member & receive $20 (₦7,400) from 5 New downlines (who are new free members) from the system which would make you $100 (37,000)
  • Grade 2: – Donate $40 (₦14,800) to become a Grade 2 Member & receive (₦14,800) donation from each of your 25 DOWNLINES, which is totaled $1,000 (370,000)
  • Grade 3: – Donate $80 (₦29,600) to become a Grade 3 Member & receive and receive $80 (₦29,600) donation from each of your 125 DOWNLINES, which is totaled $10,000 (3,700,000). See the table bellow for all donations and income.

NOTE – You can be in a higher grade and be receiving donations for assigned members in previous grades. Example, you can be in Grade 4 and be receiving donations for upgrade to 1, 2 and 3. If You are not a member of this group, you won’t receive these benefits. Only those who registered under iCharity. Now here are some quick links to help you when navigating the website.

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