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IMSU Students What Are You Guys Not Telling Us – Concerned Imolites

Imo state university (Imsu)

Is the proposed “Free Education” still free?
Is their something you guys are not telling us?

One of the campaign promises of the present governor of the state, His Excellency (Dr) Rochas Okorocha Was free education in IMO state university and other tertiary institutions in the state.

The state government announced free education for all IMO indigenes and a 50% slash in school fees for Non-indigenes.

Today to curb this trivia menace, i will be using IMO state university as a case of study, To really define what the governor meant when he used the word free.

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It should be noted that the school fee as at 2011/12 academic session was N53,750 across. However as soon as the government announced 50% slash in school fees for non-indigenes the university increased its school fees to N140,000 which made the school fees of the non-indigenes to become N70,000 instead of N26,875. (I stand to be corrected).
The students who are from Imo state, in 2012/13 academic session, were directed to go to their traditional leaders and obtain the cheque of N100,000 sent by the state government.
With this development, the university administration announced an “Axillary Fee” of N20,000 for the indigenes. Hence when students collected the cheque from their traditional rulers, they went to the bank and processed it with a sum of N20,000.
The trumpet of free education still blowing high. ( Anaturuchi Iroapali, Ceo Gistgate.com).

When the free Education was introduced , we all laid in expectation that it was a “Total Free Education” That  the payment of any fees under whatever name will be stopped but that is not the case.  the university still collects 20,000 Naira from students.

Lest I forget, the university is non-residential, the consequence of this is that every student is left to look for a hostel outside the university. The hostels charge from N50,000 to as much as N150,000 for a room. The rent is not regulated by the school. The students are also left to take care of their security, healthcare, transportation and other things.  Let me be permitted To say That “Free” as defined by the IMO state Government(current administration) Is Like Giving cucumber to a chef telling him/her to make salad for you, When we all know you are getting your cucumber Back.

Where the question comes in

Information reaching us is that during the final clearance , students are expected to pay a certain huge amount, in some cases a specified amount, multiplied by the number of Years you spent in the school. and for non-indigenes we heard its even a worst case scenario.

The question that trouble the mind of concerned imolites is the mystery behind Why students have not complained, made it known to the masses.
Why make us be on the loop , Getting incomplete , unspecified and unconfirmed Information.

If what is happening above is really what it is, then you really should help us to help yourself, So that aspiring Candidates of the institution will know what the are getting themselves into.

Are you guys really studying free??
Imsu students What are you guys not telling us?

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