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Jungle Justice Again? IMO deputy governor saves another person

Prince eze Madumere

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Like a drama of Golgotha… They chanted kill him kill him and to make real their threat they gave him a hot chase to the extent that the escaping suspect nearly rammed into Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor of Imo State’s  convoy in the high browse area of Asokoro yesterday evening.

Suspecting he was a kidnapper with all the chase and when the man at the center of all the  brouhaha was finally forced to pull over his matrix car with dark tinted glass  with  Prince Madumere’s convoy also caught in the cross fire. It was a spontaneous traffic gridlock as confusion became the only certain normal caused by irate commuters and motorists who were involved in the chase.
Stepping out from his vehicle, he quickly intervened with his aides suspected to be secret agents. The suspect already receiving punches, kicks, slaps and reaching for all manner of weapons to be tried on him. He cut in: “I am the Deputy Governor of Imo State, please do not beat him again.” Surprised by this charge, there was a spontaneous retreat. Prince Madumere then accused the suspect of having done something heinous and that if it were not so, he would not have been driving dangerously while he was being hot chased.

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He quickly reached out for the nearest police officers who yielded to take him to Asokoro police station. Imo Deputy Governor in a bid to ensure that the right things were done joined them to the police station where the suspect who identified his name as Victor Ndubuisi  was formally handed over.

Speaking to the DPO, Imo Deputy Governor said: ” I do not think the young man is too clean by the contradictions in his statement. I had thought he was even a kidnapper. I believe without intervention as this, the angry youth were ready to kill him. I blame him. He should not have run if it were a mere case of mis understanding. He could have as well died for  a mere sundry matter. All I plead is for you to do is to investigate the the matter by going back to the place where the incident took place. If it is an issue that could be handled, resolve it and let him go. Please try to get back to me. ” he reached for his complimentary cards and handed them to the DPO and two other senior police officers.

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Recalling that Imo Deputy Governor recently demonstrated the same thing in his State, Imo, where he settled a driver of a fuel laden tanker with the men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

Meanwhile the media especially the new media had been inundated with gory photos and videos of a young man who was recently hacked down and burnt to death over an alleged pilfering. This has brought so much condemnation against jungle justice. Who knows, the same fate could have been served for the Victor Nnamdi.

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Again, it was applause for Madumere from those who stopped by to find out what happened.



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