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Jungle Justice Practice: A Dent on The Image of a Developing Nation


“In a society where jungle justice is practiced, there is the possibility of killing innocent persons erroneously”
– Prologue

There are lots of things that a developing nation needs to be  more developed, to move it to greater heights, to be an enabling community and to be a full independent society, jungle justice is not one of them.
with the increasing rate of jungle justice especially in Nigeria, it is feared that people will begin to see life as nothing to be preserved. Has jungle justice reduced the level of crimes perpetuated in a community? The answer is no; it never will. I say Jungle justice has brought more harm than good, it doesn’t solve any problem rather it creates more, reduces human life and dignity to zero and carves the wrong image of a nation.

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Jungle justice as defined by “Amara Onuh” of Answers Africa, “Is the concept and act of disregarding the rule of law and taking matters into one’s hands or it is the act of handing suspected criminals over to the hands and mercy of an angry mob”. Just as its name implies, jungle justice is justice from the jungle, unlegalized justice, a justice where rule of law has no say. Mob justice is the trait of a people with long deprivation of justice; it shows a fault in the legal/justice system of the country practicing jungle justice.

Jungle justice
Jungle justice

Understanding the pain of those who indulge in this practice.

Past experiences people have had in the hands of criminals, kidnappers, and those who indulge in juvenile delinquent activities have made them shut their humanities, people no longer consider what their conscience might be insinuating and people are more afraid of handling them over to law enforcement agencies as there is a lack of confidence and trust in the government and governance of leaders. Because I believe that if you are sure that the man who stole from you will be duly penalized regardless of his political influence and affluence then Jungle justice will never be birthed into the system, people will always remember justice systems as their backups. And then when this criminal who were handed over to the law enforcement agencies uses their influence to come out instead of being penalized, the tend to go and fight those who put them there and cause even greater damages. Because of this people are more scared of handling over, and instead take laws into their own hands by either burning or publicly dehumanizing criminals. If we had a reliable criminal justice system, precious lives and properties will not be lost. The tragedy of Jungle justice is that it is meted out to low-class offenders, petty thieves at least most of the time. if jungle justice is the way forward, what has happened to the corporate barbarians-politicians and Government leaders who steal from the treasury and never get punished.

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A dent on the image of a developing nation

Using Nigeria as a case study. Recently on the news and trending everywhere is the story of a boy who was lynched to death for stealing garri (Cassava Flakes), can you believe that this act alone can give someone who was planning to visit Nigeria a second taught. Investors and tourists tend to flee the country because if the citizens of the country are dehumanizing their fellow citizens (Without following the proper legal system) while the other citizens watch and the government does nothing about it, then it is not safe for them who are temporal visitors. Practices like this carves a different image of the nation rather than the way we presented ourselves. What baffles me more is that people are entertained when someone is being burnt, you see people videoing and taking pictures instead of interfering – It not funny how people are becoming lackadaisical on an issue like this as it has become a normal day to day activity. Situations like this has sparked international debates, which is not a good thing. using Nigeria as topic Nigeria Is still a developing country and it would do us a lot good if there was a sort of regulation of what goes into the media; seems to be doing us more harm than good, Jungle justice has never eliminated crimes, instead it deters and hardened the mind of people, it is nothing but a dent in the image of a developing Nation, a developing Nigeria.

Jungle Justice
Jungle justice

The way out

There is always a way out to every situation, and the problem of jungle justice is not exempted, jungle justice creates a State of lawlessness and appraisal attacks which is not good for any developing nation. The government should take a look at the ways this menace can be curbed.

Strengthening of law Enforcement agencies

There should be a strengthening of the law enforcement agencies, where every criminal/offender is punished regardless of class, this will give people more hope and trust in the government and the enforcement agencies. Any corrupt official who because of bribe releases any criminal without being penalized should be removed and someone who knows his job should be employed, let’s keep the corrupt officials in the enforcement agencies to its minimum.

Proper justice format

Have said what I want to say here above, but still, Jungle justice is a trait from people who have been denied proper justice, and this shows a fault in the legal system of the nation, this faults should be corrected and the proper justice format and system should be restored.

Enforcing rules on jungle justice

Certain rules and regulations banning jungle justice should be enforced so as to reduce it to the last or total elimination. And offenders should be punished so as so send a message to all those who practice such unlawful barbaric act.

Employment opportunities

I believe the reason people indulge in stealing, kidnapping, etc is because they are not employed “An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop“, no employed individual would go out stealing petty things, the government should create more employment opportunities for people. I believe that if people are employed, no one will have the time to burn another person. The will all be disciplined and follow the proper legal justice system.

Enabling Environment

What do I mean? Enabling Environment is giving people the Environments to create opportunities, for example if there was steady light in Nigeria, you will never see a barber, Blogger, Welder and all who needs electricity on their business stealing, the government should create opportunities where people create opportunities. as bad as anyone is, I’m sure if they knew better, and had better opportunities, they would not resort to doing things that have had others ruthlessly killed in public.

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