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Manchester or Tottenham? For whom to betin old mobile site?


Manchester City and Tottenham have made bettors nervous in their choice, betin old mobile site 1xbet.com, as well as users sit of apps from the bookmaker. The teams played in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. More than 55,000 spectators at Etihad Stadium witnessed a spectacular game, two teams scored seven goals at once. But in the end, it was the Tottenham fans who rejoiced for betin old mobile 1xbet.com.

What showed living streaming Football 1xBET.COM

A brief outcome is as follows: Manchester City – Tottenham 4:3. Following the results, Tottenham passed further. Manchester managed to get ahead and equalize the sum of two matches already in the debut of the meeting. Sterling received a pass at the corner of the penalty area and struck a twisted kick by Alderweireld into the corner of the Tottenham goal.

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But already in the 7th minute, Tottenham levelled the score on living streaming Football 1xBET.COM.Lucas Moura gave a pass to Alli. The ball tried to intercept Lyaport. But throwing the ball under the blow Sonu. Korean did not miss his moment, breaking Ederson under his foot. Further, the follows were happen:
At the beginning of the second half, de Bruyne punched from the penalty almost from the line of the penalty area.

At the 53rd minute, Lloris saved his team again.
Dangerous punched de Bruyne.
Tottenham has responded to this with its two points.

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Later, the hosts scored the fourth goal by changing the results to living streaming Football 1xBET.COM.

De Bruyne pushed the ball to Aguero, and the Argentine attacker powerfully struck into the near corner of the gate over Lloris. On the second of five minutes added, Sterling scored a goal after a pass by Aguero. In the end, Tottenham won and advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League. So, Tottenham proved that Manchester could well lose. And this is despite the fact that Tottenham constantly lost injured Kane.

However, in the 78th minute, the team hit Manchester. The author of the goals scored was Son Heung Min. This event and equally exciting games in particular https://1xbet.com/en/live/Basketball/ are available for betting. Vivid emotions raged at Tottenham Stadium, and the guys were able to give a victory to their fans. Do not forget also that interesting tournament of international and national scale are ahead. Find out all about your favorite sport, make bets and buy on betting!

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