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“Many Things”: Unlike Rapunzel, Leeroy not ready to let down his guard in New song


Many Things” by IMO state born, Lagos based award winning songstar, Leroy Afrika, is a marvelously crafted and artistically balanced music, creatively produced by youthful Shugabeatz. It is a cleverly addictive song. You can listen to it over and over again. Here’s my take on this gem:

No sooner does the song begin than the assembled musical instruments – the versatile guitar, the jarring beat kick and a soothing melodious voice ringing “What do you want o make I do for you”. The trio impose a stamp of dominance on all things aural and incept of ” Many Things”.

On this “MANY THINGS”, Leeroy harnessed all angles of his romantic vibes. With a confident laid back attitude he delivered sweet melody to a simple but complete beat. Leeroy made open on what his romance life looks like, what it takes for him to love. What he can do for love🤓🤓🤓

“Many Things” is meant to make you dance unlike “E GET AS E BE”. The tune is truly a vibe.

Something you play while catching endless trips. By far the best tune Leeroy has put out so far this year. You only play this song on a good sound system or headphone because anything less is an abuse.

Rapunzel DID let down her hair for her oppressor to climb! Nah Don’t think Leeroy Afrika is ready to do so to his guard.


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