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Meet South African Pastor Who Gave His Church Members Anointed Rat Poison, 5 are dead

Alot of Insanities has been Done in the so called churches here in african, Ranging from pastors riding there members like horses, allowing them masturbate as part of cleansing, but the story below is the Scariest of them all.

This is Light Monyeki, a pastor from South Africa.

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The priest asked his congregation not to fear death because they are superhuman and immortals in God.

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Light Monyeki proceeded to mix rat poison with water in a bottle and asked his church members to drink.

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Surprisingly, most members came forward for the concoction.

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The church members subsequently started complaining of stomach ache and reports suggest five of the members are dead with 13 others taken to the hospital.

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There is currently an ongoing police investigation with regards to the incident.

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