Home News More Updates On The Bride Who Died A day To Wedding

More Updates On The Bride Who Died A day To Wedding

bride who died a day to her wedding

last week we updated about a bride who died a day to her wedding,see link below

Bride dies a day to her wedding

we had no picture of her and lacked information to back it fully up as at the time of the incident, but since the incident happened around us,we decided to take the pain to gather more Accurate news, we even went to the extent of going to her house,payed our condolences,got some pictures,got information and made our leave.

Also click and read this too,

“she went to her inlaw’s place which was not that far from her residential address,to check up on how the preparation was over there, on her way back home,the keke driver who was carrying her an other 2 passengers, parked by the roadside in a bid to get some  fuel since he was unsure of the availability else where, he had gotten the fuel from a nearby filling station, and was putting it in the tank,when an unknown car rammed into them , instantly killing the driver and one of  the other passengers ,disfiguring one of the passenger facially (only surviving passenger) and  leaving the bride unconcious…..”…died later the said

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Nneoma Okenwa was her name, a native of umungada,irete in owerri west local government area of imo state..a dedicated member of the CYON..a nursing student…she was meant to wed at maria assumpta cathedral,owerri on the second of january 2016,but it seems life was all vanitised…their wedding banner was seen hanging as of the time of this report, people who came from far and near for the wedding were said to be stranded to the core, due to them hearing the wicked incident late….not a good way to begin the near year, the said.

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we pray God accept Her soul


and give her family,especially the mum,and her only sibling the fortitude to bear the ireparable loss. R.I.P


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