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My Girlfriend Hasn’t Gotten Over With Her Ex , What Do I do ,Advice Me


so I fell in love with this girl earlier this month , and went for her, luckily for me, she agreed,

We’ve been dating for the past two weeks now , and something that baffles me , is the fact that she hasn’t gotten over her ex boyfriend.

At times she compares me to him, Mocks me when am incapable of doing something her ex seems to know how to do.

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she cries a lot whenever her ex name is mentioned randomly, Or when She remembers some memories ,Or Glance at some of his pictures.

I confronted her the other day to clarify some issues, but she says I should give her some time.

I even adviced her not to force herself into any relationship with her current situation, when I called for a breakup so as for her to get herself together, she refused and said I should just give her time and that she is not ready to lose another guy.

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am confused right now and don’t know what to do
this is a girl I love very much, and not ready to lose.
But it seems to me that she is trying to use me to get back to her ex.

Please I could use a little advice?

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