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No chill: Someone Just Built A Website To Tell If President Buhari Is Around (Photos)


Give me a minute to laugh this off, Hhahahahahahahaa

Nigerians Got No chills even When serious matters are still on Table a typical nigerian will always find a way of inducing humour into our spirits.

Its not news that the president of Nigeria took a vacation from wahala plaguing Nigeria.

And we were still waiting for Baba, until Baba say he’s not coming back again oh and his leave has been extended.

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People were still looking for a way to at least talk to him, and when one of them used Google just to check up on him, something came up.

Ladies and Gentlemen i present ‘Is Buhari Around’ website!


So basically, this website is our means of tracking Daddy Bubu until he comes into the country. So far, it has all the dates and a few details on the president and what they tell us he did.

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To visit the website click: Is Buhari Around?


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