Home Editorial desk Otownloaded is 2! Thank you for being part of our success story

Otownloaded is 2! Thank you for being part of our success story

Happy Birthday Otownloaded....

Otownloaed Anniversary

Sometime back in 2014, I witnessed an accident that happened where I reside, because of a bad road…Graced with potholes and dangerous bends.

Lives were lost, more followed daily because drivers were plying on one way.

People kept beckoning on the Governor to come to their aid as Owerri-Onitsha road has turned to a danger zone.

So I came across an article from someone, that had to do with the crisis of that road, I interestingly decided to read it and commend the person who has taken it upon himself to put out our plight on the media so the public can hear us.

I got to his blog and saw a twisted story! This dude was writing in favor of the Government. Infact this dude stated that the Government once came to help repair the road, but the people refused, that we are our own trouble.

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I dropped a comment under the article, explaining what really happened, and that the people never saw any Government contractors or representatives, he refused to approve my comment.

I sent him an email, after some days of constantly disturbing him, he replied,and I quote ‘My brother, I am just writing what I was told to write, stop disturbing my life’.

It got clear to me that news can be manipulated in favor of anyone!

I decided to Come up with Otown (Owerri) – Loaded… in 2015, to counter dissemination of fake news and give the people, the crying masses a voice.

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Since then, the journey has not been all that smooth, we’ve had our challenges! Our ups and downs has really shaped us.

In 2016, we got an award from NBA as the best new blog, 2017, we grabbed 3 awards, from Rotary society, E-celeb and Entertainment unplugged, respectively.

We have also been nominated in the ongoing West African Bloggers award as the best indigenous blog.

We had one aim, to promote entertainment and talents in Owerri, push them to the front, and make them a hefty rival to them A-list acts out there.

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We wouldn’t have gotten here if you guys did not patronize us and promote us!

Thank you for being part of our success story. God bless you abundantly.
Happy 2nd anniversary Otownloaded! (Nigeria’s No 1 controversial blog! Entertainment detained)

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