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Poem: “Grounded” By Alilonu Collins

Poem On otownloaded
Poem On otownloaded


Caged in my comfort for what I have done

Not able to confront those my evil has wrong

Morning gone , the night craving on

to myself, i prefer staying in till another dawn

As i sob for my evil to  myself mourn

Who knows the day it will all be gone?

When my evil, by then should have been atoned

Till that day, on my bed i shall lounger

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sleeping and gnashing in thirst and in hunger

Holding in fast the pains i now do suffer

And gladly taking all they shall proffer

And when my days of probation now be over,

i shall kneel at His feet, and  plead so i may prosper

For my evil has stained the good eyes of Grace of my one helper

Mercy!!!!!! i shall plead from the hands of the maker

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that i may flee the mighty wrath of God the Omega

Else my evil, be reimbursed both here and forever.

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