Home News Security: MMM Participants please See This (Very Urgent)

Security: MMM Participants please See This (Very Urgent)

MMM - Nigeria

There is nothing that weakens a hopeful mind than weakness. No one loves to invest in something that doesn’t Give back in folds.

I just got a mail this morning from people claiming to be MMM Nigeria, (See Below)

The mail

About A security Update, See More
The main mailIf you cant see it,Read

“Dear Participant,
We are currently running a security check up
up on our data base please kindly reply us with your information below. Failure to update, your MMM account will be BLOCKED within 48 hours

Email sent using Optus Webmail”

Please listen carefully , i have no account with MMM, hackers are at it again do not allow yourself to be a victim. MMM will never ask for your password, Never: According to them. and if it was from mmm the place i circled in the screenshot below will Be MMM-Nigeria@Whatever.com and not that below

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If you get such mail or anything similar, do not even comply.

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