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social media promotionThis is a special type of Promotion, using both online and offline methods
This is the first of it kind, we are the first site to ever single out SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION as a Promotion of its Own , this is due to our massive tools, and audience online, in which we use to promote contents to over 1.2 million people. (If you have read this before , or don’t want to , you can scroll down to the contact page below)

What is social Media Promotion?

The name says it all, its just the process of promoting your Contents (music,videos,sponsored posts etc) on social media,forums, blogs and websites. by doing so it gets to millions of people.
And Guess what, We do just that, you are at the right place.

For us to promote contents to that amount of people we must have a secret,right? we will give you a preview of our tools and services as regards to this aspect.


How do we use Facebook for promoting contents online, we would tell you,

  1. Facebook Groups Autoposter: We have Facebook account with membership to 350+ groups in which we are admins to 21 of them, and we have an autoposter that automatically posts to all the groups in one Click. 86% of this groups Have from 10,000 members up, we have groups like, Today’s Nigeria(146,673 Members), DATING and Relationship talks(112,765 members), Nigerian entertainment(79,045 members), Upcoming Musicians Center(27,346 members) etc….we post Your music, video, sponsored posts to this Groups in just one Clicks…We can also post to Your own Groups If you Want Us to. We guarantee you 500+ impressions from this alone.
  2. FACEBOOK ACCOUNT AND PAGES: we have a 3 Facebook Accounts with Over 4,500 friends Each(some of which are media promoters) And over 1,000  followers. this took us time to build, but we thank God To have Arrived there finally, we also have Few pages With serious fans,although we have no much audience from this aspect, but we can boast of 9,000 fans from all of them combined. we will post your contents To this Accounts and pages too..we guarantee you 300+ impressions from this aspect.
  3. FACEBOOK ADS: This type of promotion is of higher Aspect. to people who would pay more or want a special promotion for their contents.
    in this promotion we promote your contents using Facebook advertising We pay to Facebook and then the take your contents Round Facebook, for a period of time,according to your pay…. this promotion is 100% guarantee that alot of people will see your contents.


how do we promote your contents Using Twitter And Instagram.

1. Twitter Accounts & Followers: we Promote your contents to our twitter followers, we have two consecutive twitter accounts one for the blog and one for the admin (53,548 Followers). we are still growing our audience as regards to this aspect.

2. INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT AND FOLLOWERS: We have a Massive audience on instagram with over 100+ bloggers and promoters who are following us. we simply share the picture of the content and then leave the link in our bio, that way your visual content gets to a lot of people.

3. TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ADS: Just Similar to The Facebook Advertisement , we promote your contents Through Instagram and twitter Ads … this way your contents Get to Large number of people…


we promote your contents on our Google Plus circles and to our subscribers, this way it gets promoted and visible on google.


Many people may not Know What Nairaland is,You could Browse about it Right now, or allow me explain.
Nairaland is the largest Forum in Nigeria and Africa and the 3rd in the world with over 1.5million+ Users with Close to 1.6 million page views in every 5minutes….wow isn’t that much. although nairaland is free but one thing about Nairaland Is that you have to post your contents and advertisements in the right place and with the right method if not you get banned.

we have a good reputation in nairaland, and because of that great respect for us,we get alot of viewers when ever we post our contents. With nairaland promotion we guarantee you 29k  views in 2 weeks….with alot of impressions.


This is strictly for musicians and people with media contents , we submit your music to the above music sites. And give you their links. Social media Promotion promotion on the Above music storage sites is easier than you thought,  Contact us Now And Lets Teach You,


We still have other Ways To promote your contents like, sending it to over 30 other blogs ,putting it on Youtube if its a video , uploading it to various directories according to its content, submitting it to imtalk by creating backlinks. etc


We are still new in the industry and would not use this simple task to Blacklist Our name. if we say we will do it , then we can. We make your promotion easier and cheaper.


Get to us using the details below , specifying what you want us to really do for you, or if you want some of them but not all…..You Can pay Half and when we complete it you can pay the remaining later.

our contact page is CONTACT US

call & whatsapp: 08104501026
or send a mail to : onyejemechimere@gmail.com

use our contact form below to get to us faster.

We always deliver, we are looking forward to hearing and working with you.

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