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Someone Hunted Down The Popular Iweka Road Address In Nigerian Films And We Can’t Keep Calm

51 Iweka Road

If you’re a big fan of Nollywood, then the address 51 Iweka Road should be familiar.

Nollywood has really come up in the world. Before when watching Nigerian films especially during the advert for new movies, you would hear addresses like:

  • 1/3 Pound Lane, Aba
  • 51 Iweka Road, Onitsha
  • 10 Ebinpejo Lane, Idumota

These 3 addresses always showed up in Nollywood movies.

And were usually followed by a “Grab your copies now”



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A Twitter user, Opemipo, decided to go hunt down the famous 51 Iweka Road address and found it! 

Yes people, he found the distribution seat of Nollywood movies from way back. And we were so shook:



And guess what?

He got pictures! This what that popular address looks like:

1.  Iweka Road



2. Number 51



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3. And the film production company



Apparently, the film producers have moved shop to the new electronics market that opened in Onitsha.

Can you believe Nollywood had such humble beginnings?!

We really can’t wait to see what is currently at Pound road in Aba!

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