Home News Foreign News Statue of Virgin Mary ‘Weeping Blood’ at a church in Argentina (photo)

Statue of Virgin Mary ‘Weeping Blood’ at a church in Argentina (photo)


Incredulous worshippers in Argentina have claimed a statue of the Virgin Mary ‘weeps blood’.

According to locals in Los Naranjos, Argentina, red liquid started to leak from the statue’s eyes.

But Church officials are keeping watch on the depiction to see if it is real or not.

It has not been confirmed that the statue is a ‘miracle’.
Pictures appear to show the liquid flow onto its clothes, and it has since been moved to the local Catholic Church and locals claim it is a miracle.

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Priest Ricardo Quiroga said: ‘A lot of people come here to pray and light several candles devoted to the Virgin.
‘The first impression is that it is blood on the face of the Virgin, from the left eye.

‘Also the dress she is wearing is also totally stained this same red colour.’

The owner of the statue has also proclaimed that the ‘Virgin Mary’ has visited him before in a dream.
The man, who is not named, said: ‘It was the first time something like this has happened and I was very scared. I thought it was some kind of punishment.’

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Father Ricardo said: ‘If she cries again, we need to do something at a high level in the church.
‘Maybe we would need to send her to be evaluated.’
He added: ‘The Virgin is asking us to change the way we live now for Lent.’

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