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How to stop scaring, experiencing and starting to live in real


Description: This is about how to stop scaring and experiencing and starting to live in real.

How to stop scaring and experiencing and starting to live in real

All of us ask this question sooner or later in the hope that someone will help them cope with the feeling of fear, confusion, uncertainty and pulling oppression of their own complexes. Having carefully analyzed your situation, you will definitely come to one of the following:

–          There are problems but they are overcome;

–          No serious difficulties, you yourself are hard to answer why are you worried?;

–          You really have reasons to worry, you do not know how to cope with the negative and change the situation for the better.

How to stop scaring and experiencing?

To begin with, you need to understand a few simple things for yourselves: why are we going through? What makes us feel uncomfortable even while we are at home? When we are waking up in the morning, a person feels panic fear simply by doing nothing without even starting to do without the obvious preconditions.

Why am I nervous when nothing else has happened and probably will not happen? And I’m not talking here about the simple excitement that happens before some event or an important event for a person. The conversation will be about an unreasonable fear and anxiety, for which you hate yourself and nothing goes even writing a thesis for a research paper  but you cannot do anything yourself.

The most important cause of concern is the “unknown” that may happen to us today (tomorrow … in 20 years …). You are constantly scrolling through your head the options of events, actions and probabilities that may come to your notice in the future.

As a consequence, you worry about what has not happened or will not work at all. Moreover, many of the acquaintances do not invent a good result of again invented events; in the head, the only scandalous and insidious in this world is losing itself. Here, on the stage, feelings such as pity in themselves, the fear of becoming not the way you imagine yourself in the future.

It turns out, we ourselves invent a problem that does not exist, use writing help – that’s the disease of the current youth. “I live in a city, I have food, I have an opportunity to earn money, I have relatives and good friends, so why do I go to leisure? – To invent any garbage and through it to survive! (This may seem like a marasmus, but a lot of my friends and I myself do it very often)”. So, we deliberately drive ourselves into depression. Why?

What is the difference between the “complex of the excellent student” and “rivalry”?

We were brought up so that as we grew up, we forgot about ourselves and this “complex of the excellent student “slowly kills you and you are afraid to do paper writing yourself. This is not a natural spirit of rivalry: “I want to be better than the other, no!” It is a system of human behaviour, when it is squandering itself to perfectly perform its tasks, often at the cost of its own health.

Collect positive emotions and always keep in mind that you have a lot of good things in your life. You can take a piece of writing paper, colour pencils and write down all the positive things that surround you, your good sides, advantages. Think about how healthy you are, whether you have at least one friend, a close friend, a job, your favourite lessons, and more.

You will have enough to look at the completed sheet to make sure: there are plenty of reasons for positive emotions.

It is very important to treat reality objectively. Try to weigh all the disadvantages and pros. If something negative is insurmountable – accept it.

Get rid of fears, uncertainty, eliminate all negative and pay attention to any positive fact, even if at first it seems insignificant, create a positive with your own hands and bring joy to others – you will feel a surge of energy, good emotions too. Then the excitement will quietly leave you.

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