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Sunday Angle: No, God Hasn’t Let You Down

let you down

but why would he?

i mean its not like he created you in his image and likeness just to make you suffer, and turn you down when you need him the most.

there is a reason that God did not grant your request at that moment, could be he has greater blessings in mind for you or he did it to avoid a certain danger coming your way.

i see people fast and pray for their forthcoming jamb, and at the end the ,the end up not exceeding their passmarks

i see people pray and pray and pray for their heart desires, but to them it seems that God is not even interested in them….

there are news up and down about people who couldnt achieve what the dreamt to achieve but ended up the best in the world for something the never thought the could exceed in, but at first the thought God has let them down.just like i said greater blessings

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i have read a story of a guy who had close to 7 carryovers in school but ended up the best graduating student.

i have read the story of a guy who has been in the university for 11 years with no idea of when to graduate.

there are stories up and down all about people who never believed the could end up where the are. it all requires faith and hope everything will just be fine, that is how God wants it to be…its just sin that brings a barrier between us and The almighty.

c’mon give Daddy a chance, he will do it when the time is right, when he thinks it the right time , when he thinks there are no dangers associated, when he things you would benefit from it most.

exercise a little patience , have a minute faith, always pray always, its the key to every situation….

and NO, he hasn’t given up on you, he just thinks its not the right  time, he loves us, YES, he does.

Have A nice Sunday



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