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Sunday Angle: And Who Told You He doesn’t Listen?

God listens

Hey, would you stop that , yes i mean you, just stop those thoughts.
why would you be thinking such thought?
A being made you in his own image and likeness.
gave you a place to stay ,Food to eat. and when he denies you a request, you end up telling yourself that He is not Real,that he Does not listen.

You can agree with me that Not every thing you ask your parents that you get, its not like the love denying you that request but because the want only what is best for you , and maybe at that moment you are requesting for that,may not be the right time.

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Do you know that some people are alive today just because God denied their request ,But to them the insult him and say he doesn’t listen. Maybe you asked for a car and God denied it because of an accident he saw ahead in which you died as a result of reckless driving of that car.

God ListensGod did not send his Only Son,To Die for us ,For our request to be denied, this Cross series of Christ insinuates that God is always ready and able to save us from any situation,care for us and Listen to our request.

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So why think God is Not Listening to our prayers?
Why harbor such thoughts?

God hears all our prayers, he answers Those that are important and those that will bring harm to you,he declines or edit.

always have it at the back of your mind that God is Always ready to listen to you.
just have the faith and wait for his time and signal.

And if the alpha And omega , i mean if the lion of Judah , the rose of Sharon ,the lily of the valley ,the i am that i am decides not to give you a reply to you request, then He has Greater Glory for you, just wait on it.

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Just have it at the back of Your Mind that God does listen.
And is always ready to Do that

Happy Sunday.

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