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14 Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know For A Smarter Living,No 10 will Amaze you

tips and triks to be smart

1)   Save your Atm cards with this small trick

Atm Machine

Just put a sticker with fake pin on your ATM card , If your atm gets lost/stolen and somebody tries to cash out your money,The  machine will swallow your card(your card will be blocked) after three wrong pin attempt. So cool!?

2)  Broken Glass Tip

Did You Just clean up broken glass? Lay a flashlight on the floor. Any small leftover pieces will make a shadow so you can easily pick them up before you step on them.

3)  The Wet Towel Trick

You can clear a room full of cigarette smoke in a minute by spinning a wet towel around.

4)  When Someone Wants To Borrow Your Pen

When someone asks you to borrow a pen, keep the cap (Pen Cover) of your pen with you. In that way you’re not gonna lose your pen by lending it to someone as there are less chances of the person walking away with an incomplete pen.

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5) Ever got confused about choosing gift for someone?

We often can’t decide what to give as gift to our close ones on some occasion, the best trick is to tell them that you have purchased a gift for them and it is one of their favorite thing, and ask them to guess what you have purchased for them.
Go and purchase the thing that they just guessed.

6) Be Smart And Bypass The Name Recall  Trouble

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This Trick might sound silly but it has helped a lot of People during my schooling Days, college days and sometimes even now.

We often forget names of our colleagues, staff members during joining days.

For example, when I was new to college, i met approximately 30 people to whom I introduced myself and asked for their Names.

The very next day when I meet them , i forget their names Easily . So I used to ask their names again in a different manner . Like ,

Me : hi , by the way you haven’t told you name

Friend : I Have told you before , My name is Philemon.

Me : No no , I know your name . I am asking your full name .

Friend : oh… Am Onyejeme Chimere Philemon

Me: okay

Disclaimer: Never share this trick with those people on whom you have used this.

7) Be Smart At Work And daily Activities With This Tip

Image Credits :Google , Used For Illustrative purposes
Image Credits :Google , Used For Illustrative purposes

If you have a car, and a flat tire occurs, take a photo of it with your phone…… and keep it there. In the future, when you will be late for something (let’s say you are late for work) – send the information that you have gotten a flat tire – WITH the photo to your boss.

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8) The Mail Trick

If you want someone to read your email.  Just send them a second email having the subject as “DON’T READ THE PREVIOUS EMAIL”

Yes in all capital letters. This would make them curious about the content of the previous email and it’s highly unlikely they won’t read it.

9) Easy Identification of the Earphones Tip

Often times we use earphones in reverse way i.e, right bud in to left ear and left bud in to the right ear. This happens specially when we are in hurry and/or ambient light is dim.

here is simple solution to identify left and right.. just keep a small knot in any one of the cable as shown in the image Below


Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a small cup, mix in one teaspoon baking soda plus one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and half a teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Remember to do it once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.

Clean Teeth

11) The Sunglass Creativity
cool sunglasses
For Those Movie Watching Peeps Who Are tired of leaning their phone on something where it will fall down after some while , Use Your Sunglasses As USed Above.


12) Accidentally Closed A browser?

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in the middle of working on the browser. Don’t worry just press Control + Shift + T and you are back to your closed tab!!

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13) Giving a presentation?

Always bring a bottle of water to the stage. When you can’t remember what to say, take a drink, no body will know the difference.

14) Have A blocked Nose ?

blocked nose

Blocked Nose is simply annoying and very uncomfortable. Well you can get rid of it by using this simple trick:

It’s not that both the nostrils get stuffed at the same time, so simply lie down sideways with the stuffed nostril facing up, something like this:

Lay On ONe side

*After 5 Minutes*

You just opened the magical door (Pun intended) to a sound sleep. Sleep Well People.

This Simple tips and tricks are intended to Keep the Smartness of your day to day activities At its maximum peak. keep learning, the more you do that the smarter you will be.

Image Credits: Google
ProofReading And Facts Confirmento:Quora

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