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Top 20 hottest musicians in Imo state; No 3 will surprise you

20 talented and hottest musicians in Imo state

When a roll call of music’s finest and best has to be taken, it’s an inevitable feat that some must just be mentioned before others.

Call it competition or whatever you may but as much as these acts keep striving to be notable personalities without motives of outdoing each other, you can’t help but notice the strategies employed that makes them outstanding and ultimately puts only one person at the leading spot.

Imolites are talented. No wonder so many gifted Imo citizens became Nigeria’s most known artists. However, even among the most talented ones are those who overcame the rest in their skills and potential.

In this article and according to the directive of the Record Label scouting association of Nigeria, a secret association that aims at scouting for talented music artists and producers and helping them secure life-changing deals with popular record-labels that are looking for artists.

We were directed to select according to popularity, influence, talent, the top 20 music artists in Imo state right now.

After we met with music promoters, bloggers, show promoters, Radio OAP’s and a little mindset of the public and Imolites as a whole, we came to understand that these are the top 20 musicians in Imo.

20Blex B

Signed to King Frank Records, Blex B is not a new name in the entertainment industry.

The IMSU star has refused to step an inch away from Good music – With unique beats, superior voice quality, and dance steps to match, he is considered one of the most indigenous rap act to ever come out of Imo.

His most popular song ‘Ichaka’ received an encouraging acceptance in the music market and had thousands of downloads.

Listen to his songs

Blex B – Ichaka (Prod. by Yungroc)

19Da Beest Saint

Grew up in Abuja were the likes of Styl Plus, Eva, Jeff Akoh, Runtown and the rest of them had it tough from, Da Saint intrigues with a deft rap prowess that has successfully defied social associations and class hierarchies.

What he lacks in physical appeal, he makes up with great lyrical content, perhaps the twisted version of Kendrick Lamar.

Beest‘ as fondly called has a rare rap style that you might perceive to be thrash until you calm your nerves and get the message he passes – He made it to top 20 because what he does and how he does it, no one does better in Imo.

Listen to his songs;

Da saint ft. Xbusta – Banger (Prod. by Yungroc)

Da Beest Saint X Kristal – Wild Boy (Abulo cover)

Da Saint – Ife (Prod. by Enzypro)


Here comes another talent yet to be harnessed, talk about good rap in Imo you talk about Pellz Namzy.

Nobody just does it better than Pellz.

Namzy as he is fondly known by many, possesses a stylish rap intellect and delivery that is yet to be seconded by any.

This makes him an unparalleled choice of best fit when considering features, E-celeb awards theme song being a withness.

Even with little promotion Pellz has come to stay and we haven’t seen enough of him yet.

Listen to his songs below;

Pellz Namzy – “Igboro” Ft Tobiniho (Prod by EnzyPro)

Pellz – Call Me

17Bob G

Currently the man of the moment in FUTO, I heard!

Then his songs concurred to why he gets the audience on their feets with his name on their mouths.

The youthful skilled craftsman and FUTO’s Afropop artist of the year 2015/2016 is not a new name in the music scene in Imo.

With sounds like that of Wizkid and vibes like that of Mr Eazi, Bob G, is another Imo act everyone should look out for.

Listen to his songs below;

Bob G – Picture
BoB G – If You Say
BobG – Ebelebe 


Vivada is a lone ranger. One who flies on her lane.

Vivada, signed to DJ Timbaland’s label via her sound is finding success in reducing the tempo of mainstream music.

She operates on a mid-tempo level, infusing jazz and multiple percussive influences into her beat.

She delivers good lyrics and has a great vocal prowess, This list is not complete without her on it.

Talk about someone from Imo state to compete with the likes of Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade, Vivada is your girl!

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Listen to her songs;

Vivada – Kokoko (Prod By @SomikMusic)

Vivada- Romantic Ringtone

Vivada – This Year ft Chiggy

15YBACM (Humble Lion, Whizzsmart, Scarce Prince and Mr 2fly)

Here comes the group that gave us a headache during compilation, Young Ballers Angle Of Classic Music (YBACM).

That moment you come across a music group and just everyone there is soo.. good and nobody is dulling.

At first, we decided to pick out the most talented of them all and after everything there wasn’t, we decided that none of them should be left out, thus their group name’s addition to the list to see that they all made it.

Whizzsmart, who is the winner of the #MurderMyBeat1O1 competition, is not a new name in the music scene, his tracks ‘Street Guys’ , ‘Mehnx’ and recent release ‘With You’ are currently enjoying tremendous acceptance.

Humble Lion is another talented music act we all should look out for! The rap juggernaut has some beautiful tracks in his name.

‘Zone 9’ being his major hit had over 5 thousands downloads a month after it was released.

Scarce Prince and Mr 2Fly, the two brothers who have not stopped surprising us.

With voices like that of Drake and Yung6ix respectively, they have stolen the hearts of music lovers in Imo and haven’t stopped delivering good music.

YBACM has alot in stock for us, we look forward to getting more good tunes from them.

Listen to their songs below;

Whizzsmart – Mehnx
Whizsmart – With You
Humble Lion – Diamond Lady
Humble Lion – Zone 9
Scarce Prince – My Lady (With Drift King)
Mr 2fly in Irete Anthem


He broke into the limelight with ‘Bishop Court’ which currently has thousands of downloads.

Leeroy is one of the finest rappers in Imo and is believed to be better than Vector in terms of salutatory flow.

Whenever he steps unto the stage, the IMSU graduate always gets a standing ovation, because he does best what he knows how to do.

His latest release ‘Oga Timo’ has been certified good to go by the streets.

Listen to his songs below;

Leeroy – Oga Timo

Leeroy – Bishops Court

Leeroy – Obodo Oyinbo ft Ok-David


You had no doubts he would appear on this list, right? We neither.

YungKlinch has been a leading rapper of Imo state for a long time now.

Not only handsome and charming, but also talented as no other rapper in the state.

He already has a lot of tracks alongside its videos.

The King Frank Records lead act keeps working with the leaders of this niche and will definitely impress his fans more soon.

Listen to his songs below;

Youngklinch ft. Kelly hansome – Nyash
CONFAM By Young Klinch

12UC Flamez

He picked the right opportunity at the right time, and the rest has become history.

He is the only rapper in the east who made it to the top ten on Olamide’s ‘Who You Epp’ competition.

His songs ‘Owerri Anthem‘ and ‘Akwakuma’ are still making waves.

Listen to his songs below;

UC Flamez – Akwakuma
UC Flamez – Owerri Anthem



Real Kings Entertainment duo Artists “G-teck Ugonabu” Zicky and Sparkinz are definitely the number one talented duo in the music scene in Imo.

They secured their place in the music scene after dropping ‘Legit’ and ‘Money Minded’ before finally topping the charts with ‘Nwachinemelu’

Still trying to give back to the music scene, Zicky tried also getting his hands on music covers and artworks design, and since then is arguably the biggest designer in Imo.

Zicky handles the rap while Sparkinz takes the chorus, giving us the perfect tune whenever they hit the studio.

Listen to their Songs;

Gteck – Nwachinemelu
G-teck ft Xbusta & Jaywise – Legit
Gteck ft Hype MC – Money Minded

10Sauw Blaze

You are new to Imo state if this name doesn’t ring a bell!

The Afropop singer is another fine music breed worthy of export into the international music market.

He used to be a member of the music group “Men Of Flames” until he decided to go on doing music as a solo artiste.

Late last year, Sauw Blaze dropped an album that is currently making rounds, with Walawala being played the most.

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He is a talented mind that should be watched out for.

Listen to his songs;

Sauw Blaze – “Walawala” Ft Trez Lupe 
Sauw Blaze – Possible

9Rini Hillz

This is one Nigerian singer that has given many the reason to look out more for her.  Born Rita Godwin, professionally known by her stage name Rini Hillz, is an Imo state based reggae-fused-jazz singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer.

Her ‘Call Me’ with Pellz really made headline and it is still making.

Popularly known as ‘Rude Girl’ she is the Queen of Afro-Jazz in Imo…

Listen to her songs below;

Rini Hillz – Afro Jazz
Rini Hillz – Call me ft. Pellz
Rini Hillz – You too fine

8Snow Bird

Snow Bird is to Imo state what Maleek Berry is to Nigeria!

He stormed the industry with his break out single ‘Oyego’.

Since then, we haven’t looked back or entertained the thought of passing up on Snow’s possibilities. Having stayed true to his craft, it’s only aptly fitting that he has attained success in building his artiste profile to becoming one of the Imo Ent. industry’s respected acts in the A-list category.

He dished out recently a beautiful tune ‘Re-bounce’ just after previously waking the street and music lovers from sleep with his melodious jam ‘Blessing’.

Listen to his songs below;

Snow Bird – Oyego
Snow Bird – Re-bounce

7Trez Lupe

Yorubas has Adekunle Gold, Igbos have Trez Lupe, yes you heard right!

Trez, a producer and singer arranges his sound in a way that marvels, from the melodious traditional tunes to the beautiful tempo and lest not forget, the pattern he uses to fuse his voice to the intriguing tune.

While his latest release ‘Onyemechi’ is fast gaining form, we still find ourselves catching some cruise to his previously released track, ‘Tem Tem’ once every other while.

Listen to his songs below;

Trez Lupe – Tem Tem
Trez Lupe – Onyemechi

6Mr Cruz

First it was his voice that many fell in love with but Mr Cruz has proven over and over again that He is into music and music is into him.

The Radio friendly artiste has certainly won our hearts time and time over. Not only did he entrap our senses with his luscious light tenor and high vocal pitch, he’s succeeded in amassing more than just a smash hit in the process.

Aside from his first set of musics that broke him into the music scene in Imo, we just cannot get enough of his recently released ‘Rokpokpo‘.

Listen to his songs below;

Mr. Cruz – Rokpokpo
Mr Cruz – Pray For Me


Kristal sealed his entry in the music scene with a series of breath taking jams.

From the release of ‘Hurricane’ and the follow up banger that drew the public attention on him ‘Welcome to Owerri’.

Kristal’s sound are majorly beastly, lyrically and radically influenced and then they’re married with his comfortable fast rap range, Call him the Eminem of Owerri and you wouldn’t be doubted.

He is currently the number one star in FUTO and is reportedly the fastest rapper in the South East.

Listen to his Songs below;

Kristal – Hurricane
Kristal – Welcome to Owerri
Kristal – Way Up

4El Vicker

El Vicker

Reportedly the only hardcore rapper in Imo, El Vicker is to the Igbos what Olamide is for Yorubas, but he does it in a completely different fashion.

El Vicker is the Igbo version of indigenous rap, everyone wants to collaborate with him for good reasons as he is hot in the market.

EL clicked the reset button on Nigerian indigenous rap music after he dropped his hit tracks ‘Daddy Mmuo Nso’ and ‘Oringo Gyration’.

He gave indigenous rap a different tune to dance to – His latest release ‘After You’ is currently making rounds on the net and receiving a huge attention from the public.

You really need to look out for him!

Listen to his songs below;

El Vicker – Oringo Gyration
El Vicker – After You
El Vicker – Daddy Mmuo Nso
El Vicker – Ana Eko

3Leo Saint

You know when someone is too good that when you hear he’s still upcoming, you shed tears!

Leo Saint is not only good but good to go!

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The multiple award-winning Pop singer is another fine music breed worthy of export into the international music market.

The Radio friendly artiste has certainly won our hearts time and time over. Not only did he entrap our senses with his luscious light tenor and high vocal pitch, he’s succeeded in amassing more than just a smash hit in the process.

This guy has…Mehn..You really need to listen to this guy!

Remember that number 3 I told you about, that will surprise? You are welcome!

Listen to his songs below;

Leo Saint ft Pellz – Eceleb Awards Theme Song
Leo Saint X DJ Rhomzy – GOE
Leo Saint – In D Air


Signed to Otowngist entertainment, Floxy is our number 2 and we are proud to have her here.

The queen of Pop and Imo state ‘Tiwa Savage‘ reportedly has no substitute in Imo as she does well what she does best.

As one of South East’s most well-known artists, Floxy makes singing look effortless. Her hit song ‘Are You Ready’ is a testament to the depth of talent she wields.

Constantly making a case for Nigerian musicians, Floxy combines absolute skill, and a flawless command of her act, to produce hits one after another.

She got a Malawian singer, Fortune, on her latest song ‘African Woman’, which currently has thousands of downloads.

The 2016 Vocal Artiste of the Year category and the Best Collaboration of the Year at the Ecelebs Awards is without doubt, one of the finest singers Imo has ever produced.

Listen to her songs below;

Floxy – Are You Ready
Floxy – Cooperate
Floxy – African Woman ft. Fortune
Floxy – Bad Man Thing
Floxy – Sweet Dreams [Beyonce’s Cover]


You knew he was gonna headline the list? Lol…

F2 is our number one on the list of the most hottest and talented musicians in Imo. (A round of applause please…)

Finally, He returns to his long deserving number one spot having been displaced by the likes of Xbusta and Kelly Handsome in times past.

The Graduate of Prosthesis and Orthopaedic Technology from FUTO sealed his entry when his song ‘Gyration’ received huge attention from the streets and got massive airplay on the radio.

He went ahead to dish out ‘Salute’ before sinking us with an indigenous trap song ‘Hapuchaa’.

Since then the rap maestro hasn’t stopped dishing out hits upon hits.

At an album launch that was graced by the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo state, F2’s performance got the Political Juggernaut dancing, and according to reports, he was given a life-time deal by the Chief of Staff, a deal that will cover all finances in his music.

The story further changed for good when he got signed by Kun Khalifa’s owned label ‘7th Republic’ that saw him dish out his recent hit song ‘SHIMA‘ alongside its visuals.

And since then his story has been different!

Just so you don’t get tired of reading because I’m barely exhausted with the points to write about F2, I’ll stop here ‘cos it’s obvious at this juncture why he’s number one.

Yet, it doesn’t look like he’s about to slow down because there’s been fresh reports about a collaboration with an A-list musician, He doesn’t just stop working!

Listen to his songs below;

F2 – Shima
F2 – Hapuchaa
F2 – Salute
F2 – Gyration

Just because we mentioned 20 doesn’t mean its all we’ve got! We have talents crawling over the eastern heartland, we still got DMC, Emyung, Lambasixx, LATNOCKS GROUPShizzy-Mannizy, Pohzitive, Stanzy and NC Happy.

Who did we miss? Tell us in the comment box below…

Reviewed by the Panel of 9 and to be submitted to Record labels on 12th of November as directed by Record Labels Scouts of Nigeria(RLSN).

Supported by Otowngist, Jambaze, Navicorp, OtownMp3, Amiboisland and Sweetnaijamusics

Compiled by Drift King (Add him On Facebook) || Brought to you by Otownloaded.


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