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No need to go watch ‘The Wedding Party 2’ in cinemas, here’s what’s going to happen

Wedding Party
  • If you’re on social media, you must already know this film from start to end. Wedding Party I mean…
Patience Ozokwor with Sola Sobowale, Ali Baba on set of ‘The Wedding Party 2’

Nigeria; the most populous black nation in the world, the country whose president has more Ghost than StarzPower and, the country that has turned social media into cinema, TheNet speaks…

Free cinema.

And what’s more, we have figured out how to make less from the sequel of a movie that has gone on to become the highest-grossing Nollywood movie at the box office.

RMD, Patience Ozokwor & Ireti Doyle on set via weddingpartymovie

How? You ask. The undefeated power of social media, that is!

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Yes, we do it for the culture.

Because it is so hard, to keep the daily activities on set out of Instagram.

Why then, should anyone pay to see this movie when they already know the plot.

Wait, you don’t?

C’mon, if you own one social media account, then you must already know the plot of The Wedding Party 2.

Picture from ‘The Wedding Party 2’ set via weddingpartymovie

However, if you do not, you’re in luck.

Grab your zobo and buns, let’s tell you.

Fresh into the honeymoon phase, Dunni(Adesua Etomi) and Dozie (Banky W) are pregnant with their first child. While they’re trying to grapple with the realities of marriage, Dozie’s brother, (AyinnaNwigwe) decides it’s his turn to have a wedding party. Because, of course, there has to be a wedding party.  It is the title of the freaking movie.

They all fly to Dubai for the wedding, which is between Diedre and the younger Onwuka brother and guess who comes along? Patience Ozokwor. Well, her character.

And because we won’t let the ‘Deeper Life’ looks fool us, we know her character will throw some difficulties their way.

Then of course, there will be a wedding party, Naija style out there in Dubai. And of course, Dunni and Dozie will have their baby.

The End.

You’re welcome. Of course, we aren’t just here to ‘bash Nollywood’, we’re also here, to save you money.

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